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  • Komax Connect

    Komax Connect

  • Diagrams of a machine within a definable time frame

    Diagrams of a machine within a definable time frame

The benefit to you

  • Transparency for your production thanks to a clear overview of all machine data
  • Real-time comparison of the production output of multiple locations or machines
  • Create reports including all relevant statistics in no time
  • Cloud-based service – you always use the latest version with no need for software updates

Do you want to improve the productivity and quality of your wire processing? Then you will need comprehensive, precise information – ideally, the production data of your machines. This is exactly what Komax Connect processes in the Komax Cloud. You receive all the information you need to optimize the productivity of every single machine in real time.

Your requirements

  • I want to increase our productivity and efficiency
  • I want more consistent quality that is easier to control
  • I want to see which of my machines are running optimally and which are not – at a glance and at any time
  • I want to know when users change the machine parameters
  • I want to future-proof my Komax machines


Komax Connect processes the production data of your machines in real time and visualizes it in clearly structured diagrams. You never lose track of the productivity of your machines. Compare their output and quality across multiple locations or machines at a glance – and determine, for instance, which parameters achieve the best quantity-quality ratio. You immediately find out the reason of machine downtimes as they happen. When a user changes the machine parameters, those in charge of the machines are immediately notified by email. In short: Connect gives you the exact information you need to optimize the productivity of your Komax machines while keeping the quality of your products as high and consistent as possible.


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Scope of services

  • Software and hardware (gateway)
  • Unlocking the selected functions and setting up access rights
  • Processing data in real time in the Komax Cloud
  • Storing the data on the specially secured cloud servers
  • Ongoing expansion of services and functions