Feasibility Test

Feasibility Test

Consulting + Installation

The benefit to you

  • Time and cost savings through outsourcing
  • Access to the Komax expertise while searching for optimal production solutions
  • Optimally configured machines
  • Shorter configuration times thanks to pre-determined parameters
  • Reliable and safe wire processing

Having problems with a new wire that you would like to process on your Komax machines? With a feasibility test, we provide you with a precise roadmap to configuring to the optimal settings. You’ll also find out which machine is ideal for the task.

Your requirements

  • I want to process a new wire
  • I want the optimal parameters for processing the new wires
  • I don’t want to waste time testing
  • I want to tap the expertise of Komax specialists


Productivity and efficiency in wire processing depend on processes and machines being optimally coordinated with the product to be processed. The Komax Feasibility Test involves the following: we process your materials and determine the ideal setting; in doing so, we focus primarily on quality and process stability and provide you with precisely defined process flows and settings. We offer various different feasibility studies: for wire processing as well as for crimping, twisting and taping.

When it comes to wire processing, we focus on cutting, stripping, tinning (with the assistance of partners), marking (inkjet, hot stamp) and twisting.


  • Komax
  • Kabatec

Scope of services

  • Selection of the product from the Komax Group (including definition of the ideal machine and modules; custom development if necessary)
  • Execution of the feasibility test by Komax specialists (creation of micrographs with the crimping and twisting tests) 
  • Creation of an inspection report (including list of required options and machine settings/parameters) by Komax
  • Discussion of the inspection report with the customer