Acceptance Test

Acceptance Test

Consulting + Installation

The benefit to you

  • Seamless integration of a new system into your production process
  • Installation of the system only after successful customer acceptance
  • No production interruptions
  • No subsequent fine-tuning
  • Optimally trained personnel

You’ve ordered a new system from Komax and want to make sure, before commissioning, that the machine fulfills your extensive specifications down to the smallest detail? That’s exactly what we offer with the Komax Acceptance Test, which is primarily suited to complex custom developments.

Your requirements

  • I want to be sure that the new system is optimally configured for our requirements
  • I want to be sure that the new system is 100% compliant with our specifications
  • I want to avoid production interruptions due to subsequent fine-tuning
  • I want reliability in production


Complex custom systems generally have a substantial set of specifications to fulfill. If you only notice that something doesn’t work as envisioned when the on-site installation takes place, the requisite corrective work can only be carried out at the manufacturer’s location in many cases. This means production downtime and lost time. With the Komax Acceptance Test, all functions are tested during the production process at our facility. Any refinements and optimization take place before installation – so you can be sure that your new system fulfills all specifications.


  • Komax
  • TSK
  • Kabatec

Scope of services

  • Individual definition of the Komax Acceptance Test prior to installation of the machine
  • Typical customer acceptance process:
    Initial inspection of the main components after assembly
    Test of the system at Komax with customer material (with customer present)
    If necessary: corrections and final adjustment
    Acceptance in collaboration with the customer
    Delivery and installation of the system at the customer’s plant
    If necessary: further tests and optimization after installation of the system