Upgrades + Enhancements

Upgrades + Enhancements

With our services in the Upgrades + Enhancements category, you can upgrade your equipment to the latest standard to work more efficiently and achieve higher and more consistent quality. You’ll also enjoy the certainty of knowing that you will be able to fulfill your quality promises to your customer base with machines and test systems calibrated by Komax.

To upgrade and retrofit your wire processing machines and test systems, we offer process and quality modules as well as upgrades with enhanced software. The process modules extend the functional scope of your machine; the large selection of quality modules provide process monitoring and verification of the produced quality. With software and network upgrades, you can keep your equipment up to the latest standard or enable data exchange with other systems.

To guarantee the proper functioning of your test systems, they should be regularly checked and calibrated. With the calibration, we verify and document that the product fulfills our specifications and maintains specified tolerances. This is the only way to ensure that you can fulfill your own quality standards and those of your customers. The calibration takes place at your location; alternatively, you can send the modules to be calibrated to your regional Komax location.


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