Komax Service Mission

Komax Service Mission

The best equipment deserves the best service

With our comprehensive range of services, we enable you to work even more productively and achieve better quality with the products of the Komax Group (Komax, TSK, Kabatec).

With Komax Services, we support you from A to Z in the implementation of your goals:

  • We help you select exactly the right products for the job.
  • We ensure that the production equipment is correctly installed, set up, operated and maintained for continuous availability.
  • We increase the productivity of your machines and test systems, keep them technologically up to date and extend their service life.
  • We train your employees to get top performance out of your equipment.

Your needs define our services

The driving force behind our services are our customers. Every single one of our services is our ideal solution to a customer requirement. And that’s why this brochure is also just a snap-shot of the present moment: when our customers have new or changing requirements, we adapt or expand our services accordingly.

Added value for you

Each of our services should create real added value for you and enhance your competitiveness. For example, through more consistent quality. Through higher availability. Through greater process security. Through longer service lives. Or all of it put together. Our services are geared toward the lifecycle of your products from Komax, TSK and Kabatec.

Komax Service Mission

Service Mission

With the unreveiled service network worldwide, we are always easy to reach and support you with all our know-how and passion.

Our Service Promise

Our service promise – you can take our word for it.