dps 261

dps 261

Wire Handling

  • dps 261 binder

    dps 261 Binder

  • dps 261, dps 272, Kappa

    dps 261, dps 272, Kappa

dps 261 – Binder

  • Simple binding of wire coils
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to operate
  • High safety standards


The Komax dps 261 binding module binds wire coils quickly and gently. Its ease of operation and great reliability make this device an ideal supplement for all coilers.


An elastic cord is used to bind the wires gently. The knot created in binding is easy to undo. The Komax dps 261 binder is operated with a foot pedal. A high degree of safety and reliability are ensured by the needle slide clutch. The Komax dps 261 binder not only processes wires. It can also be used to bind other products.

dps 261 Abbinder Detail


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Inside diameter of coil min. 120mm
Coil height / push-through height max. 145mm
RPM of turntable / speed approx.. 0.67 s/Cycle
Electrical connection  230V, 50/60Hz
115V, 50/60Hz 
Dimensions(WxHxD) 390x715x418mm 
Weight approx. 47kg 
  dps 261
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