ads 119

ads 119

Wire Handling

  • ads 119 Wire delivery system

    ads 119 Wire delivery system

ads 119 – Wire delivery system

  • Gentle active wire feed
  • Short conversion times
  • Integrated monitoring of de-reeling

The Komax ads 119 wire delivery system is ideal for de-reeling medium-heavy reels weighing up to 100kg.


The reel-clamping system is combined with a simple lifting mechanism that allows heavy wire reels to be changed effortlessly. Convenient setup functions like slow advance and reverse travel further simplify rapid reel changes. The powerful motor operates extremely quietly and smoothly.


  • Passive wire return safety device

ads 119 Passive wire return safety device


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Wire reel:
max. diameter
max. width
max. weight
min. core diameter

600 mm
500 mm
100 kg
20 mm
Wire data:
Wire cross-section

up to 15 mm
up to 35 mm²
De-reeling data:
max. rpm
max. wire speed
Storage capacity

400 U/min
4.2 m/s
4 m
Power supply
Pneumatic system

115/230 V
50/60 Hz
4-6 bar 
Height of wire outlet
Width x height x depth

1050 - 1170 mm
1050 x 1970 x 750 mm
225 kg