Komax 106

Komax 106

Wire Handling

  • Komax 106 active feeding system

    Komax 106 active feeding system

Komax 106 – Feeding system

  • Suitable for high processing speeds
  • Easy operation
  • Safe wire delivery
  • Control algorithm with automatic learning mode

The Komax 106 is an active feeding system for processing many different types of wires. It can feed from loose rings, wire drums, Conipacks or central wire storage systems.


A clever control algorithm allows the wire processing machine to run at high capacity while the wire bundle is de-reeled at a reduced acceleration and speed level. This feature prevents wire knotting in the bundle and guarantees smooth feeding.

The Komax 106 can be operated as a "stand alone" unit and is suitable for all automatic processing machines. An interface specifically for Komax automated machines is provided through which the base machine and the Komax 106 can coordinate the speed parameters.


  • Set of drive rollers


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  • Feasibility Test


Wire diameter up to 4mm

Loose rings:
Outside diameter

Wire speed max. 6 m/s
Storage capacity 6.5m 
Electrical connections 115V or 230V 50–60Hz 
Height of wire outlet  1170mm
Dimensions WxHxD  1060x1285x465mm 
Weight  46kg