KRI 800-T
40 years cutting edge

KRI 800-T

Wire Handling

  • KRI 800-T Coiler

    KRI 800-T Coiler

KRI 800-T Coiler

  • Fully automatic winding of long cables
  • Fully integrated into the Kappa base machine
  • Simple removal of the cable ring by means of the automatic lowering of arbors

The KRI 800-T wire coiler is designed for the efficient coiling of long conductors. After coiling, the guide posts automatically lower and the safety cover opens to allow easy removal of the coiled wire.
The KRI 800-T is particularly well suited to large-size conductors of the kind typically processed on the Kappa 350.



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Conductor diameter max. 35mm
Conductor length min. 1000mm
Inside diameter of coil 250-600mm
Outside diameter of coil max. 750 
Coil height / push-through height max. 175mm
Coil weight max. 80kg 
RPM of turntable / speed max 133min-1
Electrical connection 230V, 50/60Hz 
Compressed air connection 6bar 
Dimensions(WxHxD) 1060x1260x1230mm
Weight approx. 170kg


  KRI 800-T
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