KA 3000 6000
40 years cutting edge

KA 3000 6000

Wire Handling

  • KA 3000 Deposit system

    KA 3000 Deposit system

KA 3000 / 6000 Deposit systems

  • Secure depositing of long cables, thanks to active conveyor belt
  • Fully integrated into the Kappa base machine
  • Increase in production thanks to batch size sorting with 2-channel system


These wire deposit units are intended for depositing “over-length conductors” neatly and extended to full length.
The KA 3000 deposit unit is suitable for depositing wires up to about 3000mm in length; the KA 6000, for depositing wires up to about 6200mm in length. The maximum wire diameters for the two models are 18mm and 35 mm, respectively. With the KA 3000-2 model, two separate batches can be deposited in separate trays.



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  KA 3000 KA 6000
Conductor diameter max. 18mm max. 35mm
Conductor length 350-3000mm 350-6200mm
RPM of turntable / speed max. 3m/s max. 3m/s
Electrical connection  230V, 50/60Hz  230V, 50/60Hz
Compressed air connection  6bar  6bar
Dimensions (WxHxD)  3900x1250x700mm  7070x1250x700mm
Weight  approx. 115kg  approx. 230kg


  KA 3000 KA 6000
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