Sigma 688

Sigma 688


  • Sigma 688 Fully automatic twisting machine

    Sigma 688 Fully automatic twisting machine

  • Precise twisting of single wires with short lengths and short open ends.

    Precise twisting of single wires with short lengths and short open ends.

  • Processing set short open ends.

    Processing set short open ends.

  • Straightener unit pneumatic with wire diameter display recommended for: 0.13 – 1.5 mm²

    Straightener unit pneumatic with wire diameter display recommended for: 0.13 – 1.5 mm²

  • Optional terminal pre-orientation module for simplified sequential block loading.

    Optional terminal pre-orientation module for simplified sequential block loading.

Sigma 688 – the new generation of twisting machines: reliable and proven

Fully automatic twisting machine – a safe investment

  • Fully automatic UTP production by one person
  • The proven technology of the Alpha 488 S has been developed further in the Sigma 688
  • The tried-and-tested technology of the Sigma product family increases planning security

Reliable, innovative and flexible processes

  • Optimized quality assurance for consistently high OEM quality
  • EtherCAT real-time technology ensures optimal processes
  • Configuration of up to six process modules offers maximum flexibility

Simplification due to common parts within the product family

  • The common parts strategy and improved accessibility standardizes maintenance and spare parts logistics
  • Optimized operation simplifies and shortens training and handling by the operator

The impressive Sigma 688 offers all the benefits of the new generation of machines. It offers process security and stability for the fully automated production of twisted wires. Within the Sigma product family that also includes the Sigma 688 ST with a spot taping unit for the integrated taping of open wire ends, the same parts and assemblies are used wherever possible, which makes operator training and maintenance as well as spare parts logistics much easier. With the same reliability as its predecessor, the Alpha 488 S, the Sigma 688 simultaneously twists two single wires into UTP wires (unshielded twisted pairs). Its modular structure, with up to six process modules, offers maximum flexibility.

Sigma 688 – the latest generation, based on proven technology

This latest generation fully automatic twisting machine allows the production of UTP wires for applications with high data transfer speeds (CAN FD, CAN XL, MOST, Flex-Ray or Automotive Ethernet). The tried-and-tested machine technology has already proved its value in the Sigma 688 ST. Thanks to fully automatic wire end processing, the Sigma 688 offers increased process security and stability. The latest generation EtherCAT modules guarantee optimal processes and maximum flexibility during processing. The two-hand operation, directly on the module, enables the efficient and fast setup of the crimp modules.

Sustainable OEM quality

Quality monitoring systems like visual strip quality monitoring (Q1240) with optional control of the seal position or of defective items ensure OEM-compliant quality. The machine is designed for sustained use and delivers the required performance with a high level of reliability to safeguard production. Support by Komax is also guaranteed long term.

Benefits of the common parts strategy

The identical software and hardware parts within the Sigma product family make the training of operators easier. This, in turn, shortens the training time. The common parts also include peripherals like printing systems, quality control modules, etc. This enables operators to feel more secure and familiar with the equipment, while allowing production managers flexibility in how they assign their employees. The swiveling operator console with touchscreen is perfectly positioned for all processes and offers improved work ergonomics. The graphical user interface helps operators to operate the machine quickly and safely using simple and fast data input.

Maintenance benefits

The common parts strategy within the product family also simplifies spare parts logistics significantly. A single tool case per plant is sufficient for all Sigma machines. For set-up and maintenance work, all work stations are easily accessible through upward-opening hoods and covers. Advantages such as an oil-free compressed air supply and the consistent use of simplified hardware architecture keep maintenance costs and effort to a minimum.

Technology in the market leader’s design

The new product design of market leader Komax perfectly embodies the maximum functionality and innovative power of the Sigma 688. The twisting head with AC servo drive is the heart of the unit. The integrated twist force analyzer (TFA) guarantees uniform twisting by analyzing the forces exerted during twisting and regulating the subsequent adjustment movements of the twisting head. The wire pull-out unit with integrated delta length analyzer (DLA) guarantees gentle handling of the wires as well as high length accuracy and length symmetry. This machine’s high output results from the parallel processing of the two conductors and a division of overall
processing into two main processes, both optimally synchronized with each other.

Options included as standard

Experiences gained from the predecessor Alpha 488 S and the Sigma 688 ST have influenced the design of the Sigma 688. Options have been incorporated into the standard machine, resulting in a cost saving. All grippers are therefore the halogen-free version as standard, meaning that the machine is also capable of handling demanding wires at any time. Depending on the application, the optional “short open ends” or “open ends standard” processing set can be selected. Options are also available for long and unequal length open ends, for short wire lengths and for small cross sections.

Length range 700 – 4,000 mm (27.6 – 157.5 in)
700 – 7,000 mm (27.6 – 275.6 in)
700 – 10,000 mm (27.6 – 393.7 in)
Optional 150 mm (5.9 in) End length of twisted wires
Length accuracy +/– (0.1% + 1 mm [0.04 in])
Strip lengths Side 1: 0.1 – 18 mm (0.004 – 0.7 in)
Side 2: 0.1 – 28 mm (0.004 – 1.1 in)
with short open ends processing set Side 2: 0.1 – 28 mm (0.004 – 1.1 in)
with open ends standard processing set
Wire cross-sections** 2 × 0.22 mm² – 2 × 1.0 mm² (AWG 24 – 17)
with short open ends processing set
2 × 0.22 mm² – 2 × 2.5 mm² (AWG 24 – 14)
with open ends standard processing set Optional with feasibility test from 0.13 mm² (AWG 26)
Open wire ends* (specifications without end processing) 15 – 99 mm (0.6 – 3.9 in) with short open ends processing set
30 – 99 mm (1.2 – 3.9 in) with open ends standard processing set
30 – 125 mm (1.2 – 4.9 in) with long and unequal length open ends processing set on side 1
Pitch length 5 – 80 mm (0.2 – 3.2 in) programmable
Accuracy: ±10 %, max. ±5 mm (0.2 in)
Wire draw-in speed max. 5 m/s (16.4 ft/s)
Noise level < 80 dB (without crimp module)
Electrical connection 3 × 208 – 480 V / 50 – 60 Hz / 10 kVA
Compressed air connection 5 – 8 bar (73 – 116 psi)
Recommended operating pressure*** 6 ± 0.5 bar (87 ± 7.25 psi)
Weight including 2 crimp and 2 seal modules
Sigma 688 / 4 m: approx. 2350 kg (5181 lb.)
Sigma 688 / 7 m: approx. 2850 kg (6283 lb.)
Sigma 688 / 10 m: approx. 3410 kg (7518 lb.)

* Producible parameters depend on pitch, outer diameter and end processing. Producibility must be tested using the software producibility check or a feasibility test.
** Certain extremely hard, tough wires may not be able to be processed even if they are within the indicated cross-section range. If in doubt, we are happy to provide you with samples of your wires.
*** Outside of the recommended operating pressure, the correct function of peripheral devices may be limited. Please also observe the technical data for peripheral devices. The maximum permitted operating pressure is determined by the ambient temperature: 6.5 bar up to 40 °C / 6 bar above 40 °C.

Cutting Cutting
Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Full stripping Full strip both sides
Half stripping Half strip both sides
Twisted pair / Different, short open wire ends processing Twisted pair Alpha 488
Crimping Crimping cc
Hot stamp marking Hot stamp marking with strip
Inkjet marking Inkjet
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle both sides
Seal insertion Sealing both sides