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  • WPCS Wire Processing Communication Standard

    WPCS Wire Processing Communication Standard

WPCS Wire Processing Communication Standard

  • Machine setup time is reduced.
  • The need for job papers is eliminated.
  • Incorrect entries at the machine are eliminated.
  • The production states are logged.
  • Quality is assured thanks to the traceability of the jobs produced.
  • Production operations are fully monitored.

WPCS is a flexible interface that allows you to network the fully automatic Komax crimping machines with the greatest of ease.


WPCS (Wire Processing Communication Standard) is a simple and flexible interface for sending pro-duction data to the machine and for reading back feedback information. The customer data is generally already saved in the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning System). This data must be converted to WPCS format in order to be read and processed by the fully automatic Komax crimping machines. With this direct approach, the conversion time is dramatically reduced and quality is assured because incorrect entries are eliminated.

A variety of feedback information is also returned through this same interface. For example, the operator receives feedback on the material consumed, on quality and statistical data, machine errors, job and production status, etc. The data can be written back in simple ASCII format for easy evaluation. The customer can configure the interface as desired to determine what data is exchanged via the interface.

Peripheral conditions

  • TopWin must be installed on all fully automatic crimping machines.
  • The fully automatic crimping machines must be connected to the customer network.
  • Production data must be available in electronic form.