Software & Networking

TopWin – User interface

  • Very easy, ultra modern operation
  • Minimal training times
  • Quick setup of new articles
  • Maximum level of data protection and security
  • Changeable access rights to assure productivity and quality
  • Error messages with information for trouble-shooting

TopWin combines maximum user convenience and data security with intelligent data linking and presentations that are true to the original. It is run under Windows® and is the user interface for all PC-controlled fully automatic Komax crimping machines.


Convenient setup

With TopWin, new articles can be set up quickly and easily. And thanks to the intelligent linking of data, only a small number of entries are required. For example, the stripping length is linked to the terminal so that this saved length value is merely taken over when the same terminal is used in a new processing job.

Quick editing in samples window

The samples window greatly facilitates fast, easy operation. All important settings associated with the setup of an article are quite easy to modify. If the crimping position has to be changed, for example, all the user has to do is shift the position slide. The setup times are dramatically reduced, which, in turn, increases the availability of the machine.

Access rights

A special editor enables operator activity involving all important processing data to be adapted precisely to the operator’s own needs. Your system supervisor can use his or her own criteria to determine the extent to which a given operator can intervene in machine functions. The supervisor can also block or hide individual entry fields. This effectively safe-guards your production and quality specifications.

Error messages

If an error occurs, an arrow points to the part of the machine causing the error. This feature helps locate errors more quickly, so they can be remedied all the faster.