40 years cutting edge


Software & Networking

  • QCenter


Simple integration of measuring devices

Quality and efficiency

  • Identifies up to eight crimpers
  • Does not enable production if measurements fall outside the acceptable tolerances
  • Prevents manual data entry errors

User-friendly technology

  • Provides a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Complete integration of measuring devices (K341, Q1210 and the micrometer)
  • Guides the user correctly through all required measuring steps


  • Allows storage of Q data in the ME system

The QCenter software integrates the crimp height and pull-out force measuring devices during crimping into the production process. Thanks to a simple identification function, the measuring devices can be used by up to eight crimpers. QCenter releases production only when the measured values are within the required tolerances. The measured data can be transmitted by the MIKO interface to the ME system, where it is evaluated and stored. Through its networking capabilities, QCenter secures high quality production and traceability, and promotes efficient, economical use of machinery.

Quality without manual errors

The electronic recording and transfer of data prevents manual entry of incorrect values.

Measurements are performed in the required number and the correct sequence fully automatically. Production is released only after measurements have been carried out successfully. In combination with the MIKO interface, the QCenter software ensures the correct quality assurance steps in real time.

Efficiency across the full crimping area

The measuring devices can be used by several crimpers simultaneously. The crimping machines share the measuring devices for crimp height and pull-out force (K341 and Q1210). Before measurements are executed, the respective machine is identified to avoid confusion. In combination with MIKO, QCenter helps to significantly improve the effectiveness of your machinery.

User-friendly technology

The extremely easy-to-use user interface guides the user safely through the processes:

  • Identification via the crimper name
  • Display of the wire name and the diameter to prevent confusion
  • Traffic light to display the tolerance ­compliance status of the measured values
  • Display of the measured value
  • Guidance through the complete set-up process

Comprehensive quality cycle

Data exchange between the QCenter software and the crimpers is secured by the MIKO data interface (Manufacturing Interface Komax). The interface can also be used to send order and product data, and export the measured quality data for storage (traceability and optimization)