40 years cutting edge


Software & Networking

  • QCenter


Simple integration of measuring devices

Quality and efficiency

  • Production is not released until the measured values are within the required tolerances
  • The QCenter prevents errors caused by manual data entries
  • As many as to 20 crimpers are identified  

User-friendly technology

  • Simple user interface
  • Integration of the K341 and Q1210 measurement devices and of a bar code scanner for crimper identification
  • The operator is guided through all required measurement processes


  • The Komax Print software enables quality data to be saved in a measurement report
  • The measurement data can be read out via the MES


The QCenter software integrates the crimp-height and pull-out-force measurement devices in the production process. Thanks to a simple identification function, the measurement devices can be used for as many as 20 crimpers. The QCenter only releases production if the measured values are within the required tolerances.
The measured data can be transmitted via the MIKO interface to an MES, where it is stored and evaluated. Komax Print is available as an alternative. With its assistance, a measurement report is generated automatically when a machine is released for production.
Through networking, Komax QCenter ensures qualitatively intact production and traceability, thereby promoting the economical use of the machinery.



The electronic recording and transmission of data precludes the manual entry of incorrect values. Measurements are conducted fully automatically in the correct order. Production is not released until all measurements have been conducted successfully. In combination with the MIKO interface, the QCenter software ensures the correct quality control steps in real time. 


The measurement devices can be used jointly by as many as 20 crimpers. The crimpers share the measurement devices for crimp height and pull-out force (K341 and Q1210). Before the measurement run, the machine involved is recorded or identified with a bar code scanner. After that, communication begins between the QCenter and the crimper involved. In combination with MIKO, the QCenter helps substantially improve the effectiveness of the machinery.


User-friendly technology

The ultra simple user interface guides the operator reliably through the processes: 

  • Identification using the crimper name
  • Display of the wire color and the conductor cross section to check that a correct sample is present
  • Traffic light to show that the measured values comply with the tolerances
  • Display of the measured values
  • Guidance through the entire setup process


The MIKO data interface (Manufacturing Interface Komax) ensures the data exchange between the QCenter software and the crimpers. With the assistance of Komax Print, a measurement report is generated and automatically saved locally.
Using the MIKO interface, jobs and article data can also be sent via a control center and the measured quality data can be read out for the purpose of traceability or optimization.