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    Komax Cloud MES

Cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System for the wire processing industry 4.0

Top quality MES with no financial risk

No investment to tie up your capital. For a monthly license fee, you get full access to a professional and powerful MES. Upgrades and support are included in the fee.

Low IT costs

No additional costs for IT services, data backup or servers. The system is hosted in a secure cloud (Microsoft Azure technology). A high level of data security and system availability is always

Professional production management

Komax Cloud MES shows all production data in real time and therefore provides a high degree of transparency. The system supplies the machines with all production data, so manual entry is no longer necessary.

Fully scalable according to your needs

You can extend the MES with a range of additional modules, such as OEE, tool management, label printing, etc. Or you can even upgrade to the “on premises Komax MES”, as both systems are 100 % identical and therefore 100 % compatible.

Komax Cloud MES (manufacturing execution system) is tailored specifically for the wire cutting room. It offers an easy to operate and cost-effective solution for the smart transfer of production data, supplied in simple Excel files, to the cutting machines, and for maintaining full control of the production process. Small and edium-sized companies (SMEs) in particular can use the customized MES system to achieve the same efficiency gains that have long since been successfully realized in large companies. As it only requires a small initial investment and minimal organizational effort, the risk involved is minimal and, accordingly, the barriers to entry are also low.


MES benefits at a glance


Perfect overview of current production – display of machine status – OEE analysis for continuous process improvement.

Standardized data interface

Transfer of all data in simple CSV files. Visualization of the data in the Office Client.

Production scenarios

See what happens if something happens: a resource breakdown or urgent new customer order. Thanks to the simulation of various
scenarios, the consequences can be seen immediately.

Quality improvement

No more manual entry on the machine, defined work processes, storage of all quality-related measurements.

Tool management

The tool database enables the management and planning of tools to achieve maximum quality. Maintenance management (optional).


Full production history to guarantee traceability.

Production planning

Maximum productivity thanks to planning with optimized setup times – the number of rejects is reduced.

Master data and crimp data management

The same production and crimp data on every machine thanks to a central MES database. Automatic verification of data completeness.


Your data is safe in our cloud

  • Secure access to the platform using two-factor authentication
  • Integrated access and permissions management
  • Customer’s central security guidelines are transferred (AAD Federation)
  • Encrypted data transmission via HTTPS
  • MES platform based on the Azure Security Framework
  • Strict separation of customer data thanks to application-level data isolation
  • Regular security and system updates

Komax Cloud MES – Developed by the Industry Leaders

Komax Cloud MES is developed by the global leader in the wire processing industry, Komax, in collaboration with iTAC Software. By combining the expertise of these two leading companies, Komax Cloud MES precisely fulfills the requirements of the wire processing industry.