DLW Digital Lean Wiring

DLW Digital Lean Wiring

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  • DLW – Digital Lean Wiring

    DLW – Digital Lean Wiring

  • DLW – Digital Lean Wiring

    Photographic dimensioning with Roundshot

  • DLW – Digital Lean Wiring

    DLW Viewer

Efficient data preparation for automation in the construction of control cabinets

Support for a lean production process

  • Facilitates the automation of switch cabinet construction
  • Saves a significant amount of time compared to manual production, even from a batch size of one
  • Wire length is calculated using virtual wiring

Simple and flexible

  • Streamlined, customizable user interface
  • Available data can be imported easily
  • Virtual wiring using a photo (JPEG) of the control cabinet or a drawing (DXF or PDF)
  • High-resolution photos can be quickly prepared using Roundshot
  • Guided installation assistance with touch controls (viewer)

Minimal product maintenance

  • No cost-intensive maintenance of a component database required

The DLW is a software designed for virtual wiring of control cabinets. It is a highly efficient and easy method of determining the cable lengths.

The simple alternative

In order for the control cabinet construction process to be automated, the first step is to collect the production data, including the cable length. The DLW (Digital Lean Wiring) software developed by Komax offers the ideal solution for this with its clear focus on simplicity and flexibility. It offers various options for importing and preparing the data. For instance, you can use existing wire lists to define how the connections should be marked. You can also import 2D drawings in a variety of formats with ease. If you want to avoid the high costs involved with maintaining a component database of standard ECAD systems, virtual wiring can be carried out based on a high-resolution photo.
This keeps product maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Photographic dimensioning with Roundshot

A high-resolution photo of the control cabinet is a really easy way of dimensioning the lengths of the cables. This image is captured by the optionally available Roundshot camera. This takes several individual images and combines them to create one dimensionally accurate overall image, which is then imported into DLW.

Virtual wiring

In the DLW software, the technician uses this image or a 2D drawing to wire the cables virtually on the screen. This is a highly efficient method of determining the cable length per connection. After that, the production data is converted and uploaded to the wire processing machine, which produces the ready-to-install cables.

DLW Viewer – Guided assembly

The DLW Viewer features a streamlined, touch-operated interface. This guides the operator along the wiring path as they lay the pre-assembled strands virtually on the screen. As a result, this processing step can be carried out by less highly specialized personnel.