cfa 326

cfa 326

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  • cfa 326 Crimp force analyzer

    cfa 326 Crimp force analyzer

cfa 326 – Crimp force analyzer

  • 100% compatible with mci 711
  • Best good/bad recognition
  • Most simple mounting
  • Comfortable operation
  • Calibration possible

The design of the cfa326 is modular and can be used for our automatic machines with MCI interface as well as on all common crimping machines with I/O-interface. This monitoring unit is fully compatible to the integrated crimp force analyzer of mci 711.


Two piezo ceramic sensors integrated in the RAM serve as transducer. That eliminates force shunting even if the crimping tools are not loaded symmetrically. The three-zone analysis concept ensures ultra reliable good/bad sorting and provides detailed error information. Reference curve calibration, drift compensation and many other convenient functions are all standard features, as is the display of the crimping curve on the OMI.

Possible variants

  • System for machines with crimp modules up to 20kN (P107, PE7, PE4, Equatro)
  • System for bench top crimp modules up to 20kN (P107, PE7, PE4)
  • System for bench top crimp modules up to 40kN (P104)
  • System for Schäfer bench top presses EPS 2000 up to 20kN
  • System for MIL Crimp modules (with special force sensors)


Possibility to calibrate in kN

A certified calibration tool is available as an option. It allows to calibrate the CFA 326 in kN. The tool is also used for periodical checking of the device.


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