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  • Q2205


  • Q2205


Q2205 – Pull-out force measurement device

  • Easy operation, ergonomic handling
  • Wide application range from very small to medium cross sections (<4 mm²)
  • Gain in quality because correct machine setup is ensured
  • Reproducible measurements thanks to the high degree of accuracy
  • High availability assured by ultra-sturdy construction 
  • Reliable operation due to sensor-controlled clamping protection function

Precise force measurement for medium cross sections.


The motorized Q2205 pull tester measures pull-out forces from 20 up to 500 N. The precision device is designed for medium cross sections. A highly sensitive control circuit keeps the pull-out speed extremely constant. With its sturdy, robust construction, the device can also withstand harsh conditions in industry.

Q2205 is seamlessly integrated in the HMI machine software and the operator is guided step-by-step through the work procedure. The measured value is transmitted directly to the basic machine and compared to the target value. The measured pull-out forces are also issued over the machine interface.


Verification unit as accessory

The accuracy of the device can be checked with the verification unit, which is available as an option. The testing procedure is easy to carry out. Distributed over the whole measurement range multiple measurement values are taken. These values will be compared then to the values measured by the test unit reference sensor. A certificate is generated at the end of the procedure.

Measuring range 20 .. 500N 

20 .. 200N
>200 .. 500N


20 .. 40N
>40 .. 500N

Class 2
Class 1

Pull-out speed 25, 50 mm/min
Data interface USB
Electrical connection 24 VDC / 18VA
Dimensions (L×B×H) 115×162×335 mm (without clamping device)
171×185×335 mm (with clamping device)