Q1250 scalable

Q1250 scalable

Quality Tools

  • Q1250 – Digital control of crimp quality

    Q1250 – Digital control of crimp quality

  • Optical crimp monitoring in action

    Optical crimp monitoring in action

Scalable digital cable detector

Automated visual check

The Q1250 fully automatically checks each individual crimp for the specified quality characteristics. This not only reduces the operator’s workload and significantly improves quality, but also saves a considerable amount of time by eliminating visual checks and tedious adjustments during changeovers.

Reliable user-independent quality

The module inspects 100% of the batch size and never tires. The specified quality parameters are reliably and permanently maintained. The operator’s influence is reduced as far as possible, since the specifications are stored and controlled by a user-independent algorithm.

Attractive entry-level model 

The so-called basic unit already provides one hundred percent automatic control of whether the stripping has worked and whether the seal and crimp are present. The data is continuously recorded in the Komax HMI. A significant increase in quality can thus be achieved with very little effort.

Modular system

Depending on your needs, you can make your Q1250 even smarter and more powerful at any time. Select the function packages that meet your requirements. A particularly attractive feature of the licensing model is that you start with one set of functions and can easily purchase new licenses as soon as other requirements arise. You make the investments when you need them.

The scalable Q1250 module offers a suitable technically advanced monitoring of the crimping process for every requirement. The basic version exclusively checks whether the cable has been stripped, i.e. whether the crimp and, if applicable, the seal is present. If desired, high-quality monitoring functions can be added as licenses. In the highest level, the so-called “full package”, all required quality features are checked fully automatically and comprehensively.

What is the advantage of scalability?

Scalable means that you can purchase exactly the scope of services you need for the tasks at hand. The cost/benefit ratio is therefore very attractive. If the requirements change over time, then the Q1250 can easily be supplemented with additional licenses and/or the dome light. The Q1250 scalable is a sensible and safe investment, because it adapts flexibly to the needs and is future-proof and usable for a long time due to the expansion option.


The Q1250 Basic offers a cost-effective entry into crimp production quality monitoring. The operator’s random visual inspection is replaced by a fully automatic optical inspection of each individual crimp. It is checked whether stripping has taken place and whether a seal or crimp contact is present.


The Q1250 is scalable, i.e. depending on the quality specification, licenses for higher­-quality monitoring functions can be purchased in stages. The following are available:

Strip Monitoring

Monitoring of the length and quality of the stripping, protruding, spread and pre-drawn strands.

Seal Monitoring

Monitoring of seal position, seal alignment and pierced seals.

Crimp Monitoring

With the dome light and associated license, the Q1250 uses algorithms to assess a color image of the crimp. This function can be used to check for crimped and protruding strands. In addition, the conductor in the crimp and conductor protrusion are reliably 


The Full Package contains all previously mentioned licenses and components and is therefore the perfect way to monitor the quality of the crimps 100% automatically.

Innovative technology

An innovative image evaluation algorithm analyzes the high-resolution color image and reliably detects all crimped or protruding strands. In addition, the system uses intelligent color recognition to detect whether there is insulation in the crimp and sufficient conductor overhang.

Full quality control

When the swivel arm travels to the crimping module, it first checks the stripping and the seal presence. On the return trip, the Q1250 evaluates the quality of the crimps in fractions of a second. In the process, the copper protrusions, the crimped-on strands and the protruding strands are monitored for each conductor end.

The Q1250 thus provides continuous and reliable monitoring of the entire production process. Visual inspection of the monitored quality features by the operator is no longer necessary. All quality features can be tracked and documented.

Process overview


Cut Strip

Pulled strands

Strip recognition

Strip length

Wire splay

Partially stripped

Insulation burrs

Seal insertion

Seal position

Seal presence

Insulation in front of seal

Seal orientation

Pierced seal


Missing terminals

Crimped-on strands

Protruding strands

Conductor visibility

Conductor visibility

Distance from insulation to conductor crimp

Conductor brush length

Wire cross sections 0.13 – 6 mm² (AWG 26 – AWG 10)
Full or half stripping max. 18 mm (0.71 in.)
Resolution 1024 × 768 (0.8 MB pixels)
Field of observation 24 × 16 mm (0.94 × 0.63 in.)*
Dimensions (L × W × H) 290 × 90 × 524 mm (11.42 × 3.54 × 20.63 in.)
Control system Komax HMI
Communication USB 3.0
Machine types** Alpha 530, Alpha 550, Alpha 565, Gamma 450

* The field of observation is smaller than the detection range due to deflections and distortion effects, especially with large objects.
** In combination with tinning on request