Q1240 Strip monitoring

Q1240 Strip monitoring

Quality Tools

  • Q1240


  • Q1240

    Q1240 visually captures every single conductor end during ongoing production.

The reliable strip quality monitoring ensures constant, traceable quality

Constantly monitored quality

  • Fully automatic strip quality monitoring
  • Visual capture during ongoing production
  • Expanded inspection area to monitor large terminals and seals
  • Integrated “Cut up bad part” function

Integrated in the machine software

  • Reliable, controllable quality parameters
  • Traceability of the quality data from one source
  • Visualization of statistics, image storage and data interface

The low-wear, visual quality monitoring system Q1240 monitors the quality of the stripping fully automatically and ensures traceability. The tool is integrated in the machine process and visually captures every single strand during ongoing production. Thanks to integration in the machine software, quality data can easily be traced at any time from one source. Defective wires are cut up and separated.

Strip quality monitoring and optional seal monitoring

The Q1240 controls the stripping process during operation to ensure correct strip lengths and to check for pulled or splayed strands and missing terminals. The optional seal monitoring controls the positioning and can detect twisted and pierced seals. Defective articles are cut up, separated and destroyed.

Reliable quality from one source

The machine integration enables the quality to be controlled and documented. The machine operator is thus relieved, reducing the error rate. The data transferred by
the manufacturing execution system enables a direct target/actual comparison.
Potential challenges can be detected early and the process can be swiftly optimized.
The stored values and images guarantee complete traceability of the product quality.

Process overview


Cut Strip

Pulled strands

Strip check

Strip length

Wire splay

Missing strand (partial)

Partial strip

Insulation burrs

Seal insertion

Seal position

Seal presence

Insulation in front of seal

Seal orientation

Pierced seal


Missing terminals

Conductor cross sections 0.13 – 6 mm2 (AWG 26 – AWG 10)
Full or half strip max. 18 mm (0.71 in)
Resolution 1280 × 1024 (1.3 MB pixels)
Inspection Window 24 × 16 mm (0.9 × 0.6 in)
Dimensions (W× H ×D)

75 × 544 × 332 mm
(3.0 × 21.4 × 13.1 in)

Cycle time / reduction in piece output

> 200 mm: max. 1%
60 to 200 mm: up to 4%

Communication USB 3.0
Machine types

Alpha 530, 550 / Omega 740, 750 / Zeta 630, 640, 650

The Q1240 is also available as an integrated variant in the S1441 seal module.