MicroForce 70

MicroForce 70

Quality Tools

  • MicroForce 70

    MicroForce 70

Simple and efficient for reliable quality

Reliable monitoring  

  • Detects missing strands and insulation in the crimp
  • Solidly built for a long service life

Extremely easy to operate

  • Clear signaling of defective crimps
  • Intuitive controls, uncomplicated software
  • Short training time for new operators

Highest degree of flexibility

  • Suitable for commercial crimpers and fully automatic wire processing machines
  • Tolerance level easy to set during production
  • Password protection for critical functions

Missing strands and insulation inside the crimp are frequent reasons for defective contacting in modern wire harnesses. Every single crimp therefore has to be monitored to ensure proper functioning. MicroForce 70 enables gapless crimp force monitoring to be carried out easily and efficiently and meets the highest standards of quality and performance. The sensor is easy to mount, so the device is ready to use in no time at all. It is manufactured in top quality and offers dependable and proven technology.

Efficient quality monitoring

MicroForce 70 monitors every crimp connection reliably, so it functions perfectly.
A sensor measures the crimp force and helps to assure quality production. The device is ideally suited for commercial crimpers and fully automatic wire processing machines from a variety of manufacturers. The ­dependable crimp force monitoring process is easy to operate and helps companies stay competitive.

Dependable sensor

With proven functional technology, the frame sensor delivers maximum reliability and is highly robust in operation. With just one single fastening screw the sensor can be mounted quick and easy. It can be used with great flexibility on nearly all crimpers and fully automatic wire processing machines.

Intuitive touch

The intuitively designed user interface is simple to operate and makes working with the MicroForce 70 very easy. On the touch screen the settings are clearly legible and convenient to adjust. A password can be used to protect access to the key functions.

Cross section range 0.35 – 6 mm²
AWG 22 – AWG 10
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Power supply Ext. adapter 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.75 A
Dimensions (L × W × H) 146 × 46 × 106 mm
Fastener All-purpose fastener
Weight About 5 kg