Komax 332

Komax 332

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  • Komax 332 Pull-off force measuring device

    Komax 332 Pull-off force measuring device

Komax 332 – Measuring pull-out forces

  • Simpliest operation
  • Guarantee of a flawless production run
  • Elimination of input errors
  • Application on a central measuring place or directly on the base machine
  • Time saving due to direct transmission of the measured values to the base machine
  • Complete record of all measured values

The pull-off force measuring device Komax 332 is suited for operation on fully automatic crimping machine as well as for standalone operation on a central measuring place.


On the fully automatic crimping machine

The Komax 332 measures pull-off forces up to 1000N. The regular pull-off movement is executed by hand. To ensure precision across the entire range, the measuring range is divided into three levels. TopWin automatically will determine the appropriate level.

With the pull-off force measuring device directly integrated in the production sequence, the machine operator is guided step by step through the operating sequence and has to conduct the mandatory quality measurements.

The measured value is transmitted directly to the base machine and compared with the predifined target value. Therefore, input errors are completely eliminated. All measured pull-off forces are stored and thus recorded via the WPCS interface.

At the central measuring place

Thanks to the large and good readable display, the manually operated pull-of force measuring device Komax 332 is very well suited for an operation on a central measuring place. Force measurements up to 1000N can be executed.

During standalone operation the measurement device can be switched between N, Kp, lbf.


Quality guarantee and optimization can be completed with following devices:

  • Crimp height measuring device Komax 341
  • Barcode reader  
  • Test device to Komax 332


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  • After-Sales Service
  • Production Assistance
  • Certified Training Courses
  • Feasibility Test
Measuring range 20–1000N
Power connection 24 VDC
Data transfer RS232 interface
Dimensions (L×W×H)
Measurement units N, Kp, lbf