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New and improved crimp press analyzer simple to use, fast and reliable

Premium quality, easy to use

  • Real time graphical display for CPK index and standard deviation for both shut height and force.
  • Works without the need of an additional PC.
  • Compact, portable, easy to operate.

Easy tool for periodic preventive maintenance of crimp press

  • Easy report generation directly on manufacturing floor.
  • Storage of up to 20 press data.
  • Analyze data without PC software.
  • Display shut height and pre-loaded force directly on LCD.

User friendly design with great quality assurance

  • Detachable electronic unit for greater convenience when used on fully automatic machines with safety covers on.
  • Timer and cycle counter for automatic firing of press (Ideal for press manufacturers).

The CPA PRO is a premium crimp force analyzer that is compact and easy to operate. It is able to provide quick and accurate checks on the performance of crimping machines without the need to connect to a PC. The CPA PRO is able to analyze and store up to 20 sets of data locally for easy access.

Height Sensor
Measuring Range 0.300 mm
Resolution 1 μm
Accurancy < 5 μm margin of error
Force Sensor
Measuring Range 22 kN
Resolution 0.34 N or 16 bits ADC system
Accurancy < 2% margin of error
Callibration Information
Pre-Load 4 kN – 1 kN (adjustable)
Shut Height 135.780 mm
Device Interface External ICP force sensor input
RS232 for connecting a PC with CPA software
TCP/IP for connecting a PC with CPA software-
Relay output NO/NC for external triggering ofcrimper
Device Power 24 V DC, 15 W
Dimension and Weight
Device Weight 6 kg
Device Dimensions 260 × 140 × 120 mm (10.2 × 5.5 × 4.7 in)