mci 782
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mci 782

Process Modules

  • mci 782 Twisting module

    mci 782 Twisting module

  • mci 782 Twisting module

    mci 782 Twisting module

mci 782 - Twisting Module

  • Tinning is done precisely according to the diameter
  • Process controlled twisting of even the shortest twisting lengths
  • Active knock out of insulation scraps
  • No damage to the wires
  • Short changeover times
  • Simple as can be to operate using TopWin

The mci 782 is an extremely precise device for twisting the ends of stranded wires. It is easy to operate from TopWin and has a compact footprint allowing it to be used directly in the crimping press. Thanks to these features, the mci 782 can be employed quickly and flexibly on the Komax fully automatic crimping machines.


The twisting of stranded wires is a prerequisite for fast tinning accurate to the nearest millimeter.The mci 782 is placed directly in the crimp press and therefore offers an extremly flexible implementation.

The quick clamping systems and pluggable connections minimize changeover times when switching modules. The precise guide allows the twisting module to be positioned exactly and eliminates the need for repeatedly setting up the processing position. You can install the mci 782 on all of the Komax crimping presses.


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Drive system Step motor
Range of cross sections 0.03 – 2.5mm²
Electrical connection 36VDC
Pneumatic connection  4 – 6bar 
Dimensions (W×H×D)  440 × 185 × 105mm 
Weight  7.5kg