mci 761
40 years cutting edge

mci 761

Process Modules

  • mci 761 Seals module

    mci 761 Seals module

  • mci 761 Feed unit

    mci 761 Feed unit

mci 761 - Innovation in seals application

  • The supply drum can be replenished with seals faster
  • All common types of seals can be processed in bulk (as loose seals)
  • The feed rail and seals drum are compatible with the k 136
  • Power is automatically switched over to match the voltages and frequencies in the country of - operation
  • Application set is compatible regardless of voltage and frequency 


The mci761 is a high performance seals module for applying seals to individual conductors. It offers a degree of operating convenience never before achieved by such modules. All inputs can be made with just two keys and a digital potentiometer. The straightforward OMI graphics display provides information in the selected language about the current processing status. 
The MCI interface was specially designed for the new generation of automatic Komax machines. It enables cost-effective and extremely efficient machine communication and can be used for updates of the module software. With its narrow design, the module leaves plenty of space for future machine designs. An integrated seals monitoring unit is available as an option.


The Komax mci761 can process all common types of seals up to 17 mm in diameter.


The Komax 136 has retained the tried and tested basic module principle entailing repeated spreading of the rubber seals. This method ensures that the seals are very gently handled.In implementing the design, new ideas were combined with the very latest in manufacturing technology.

Optional seal monitoring

This option detects and signals material or application errors very early on, and the affected products are sorted out from the rest. Set-up requires only minimal effort because no adjustments are required mechanically or in relation to the parameters. Moreover, already existing seal modules can be easily converted. Owing to its compact size, little space is required to integrate the seals monitoring unit. The graphic representation on the OMI is straightforward, and the device is easy to operate.

Further features of the seal monitoring

  • Intelligent communication with the machine
  • Default settings for most lead/seals sets
  • Integrated into mci761 and TopWin
  • Optimum access with swivelling sensor


The modular design ensures unsurpassed flexibility. Conversion times are extremely short thanks to the consistent use of quick-release locks for all seals-dependent application parts and the software-assisted approach to special set-up positions. The need for adjustments is eliminated completely. Optimum accessibility is also guaranteed since the Komax mci761 has a height-adjustable module base that allows it to be tipped back.


  • Application set for all common types of single-conductor seals
  • Application head for seals greater than 10mm in diameter or 11mm in length

mci 761 Application set


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mci 761 SPA

Seal diameter max. 10mm (optional 17mm)
Seals lengths max. 11mm (optional 16mm)
Loading output
approx. 4500 pcs/h
Conversion times < 4 min. 
Electrical connection 110/220V, 50/60 Hz 
Pneumatic connection  5 - 8 bar