mci 712/722

mci 712/722

Process Modules

  • mci 712/722 Crimping module

    mci 712/722 Crimping module

mci 712/722 – Crimping module

  • Integrated quality process with the basic machine
  • Bigger daily output thanks to shorter setup times
  • Ultra-easy operations
  • Integrated crimp force analysis with force/travel recording
  • High degree of process control
  • Conversion times with mci 722 reduced by 15%
  • Precise and intelligent drive and measuring system
  • Integrated interfaces for accessories 


The two crimping modules mci 712 and mci 722 are synonymous with perfection in wire-terminal connections. When mounted on Komax fully automated crimping machines and combined with integrated quality monitoring devices, these modules produce crimps of the excellent quality. And now this is even easier. All press settings are programmable and completely integrated into the user software on the basic Komax machine. As a result, setup times are shorter, rejects are reduced and daily outputs are boosted.


With a maximum crimping force of 20kN, continuously adjustable speed and a double-stroke function which can be activated at any time, these devices can process most commercially available terminals. The terminals are taken from carrier strips in open and closed versions of up to 6mm2 and processed into top quality crimps. Appropriate tool fixtures allow an extremely wide variety of applicators to be used.


With its programmed crimp heights, the mci 722 crimping module reduces conversion times by up to 15%. The multifunctional AC servo-drive sets new standards in positioning accuracy. A built-in linear measurement system allows the fine positioning of the press carriage in increments of 0.01mm. Sequential processing of different cross sections can be carried out with no cycle time losses. The mci 712 crimping module has a fixed shut height and is powered by a robust asynchronous motor.

Quality monitoring

The integrated crimp force analyzer with CFA or CFA+ assures ultra-precise good/bad detection with detailed records on errors. The CFA measures the force and travel of the tappet directly in the process through the adapter and its integrated sensors.

The optimum processing parameters can be evaluated with CFA + quick and easy. Even the smallest contacts are thus reliably monitored. Every single press undergoes a thorough final test before being delivered to the customer.

User friendly

All press adjustments can be entered quite easily from the TopWin user interface in any one of 20 different languages. The crimping module automatically takes over already saved crimp data or data transmitted by the customer. The creep speed function and single cycle for setting up the applicators are activated directly from the sealed keyboard on the module. Ultra-fast and convenient conversion is assured by the quick-clamping fixture for the tool and ready accessibility to the inside of the device.


  • Terminal strip chopper
  • Airfeedset
  • Pressure regulator set
  • Terminal end detection


  • Crimp module analyzer: CFA/CFA+ unit for crimp modules


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mci 712 Crimping module mci 722 Crimping module

  mci 712 mci 722
Progr. crimp height
No Yes
Max. crimp force 20kN 20kN
Wire cross section 0.08mm² to 6mm² 0.08mm² to 6mm²
Programmable stroke 10 – 40 mm (0.39 – 1.57 in.) 10 – 40 mm (0.39 – 1.57 in.)
Cycle time 0 - 270 Degree
approx. 200 ms
approx. 200 ms
Crimp force analyses
Mains voltage From 1x230V up to 3x480V 50/60Hz From 1x230V up to 3x480V 50/60Hz
Communication MCI (RS 485)  MCI (RS 485) 
Dimensions (WxHxD) 220 × 950 × 525 mm  220 × 950 × 525 mm
Weight 96 kg (211 lb)
96 kg (211 lb)