mci 711/721
40 years cutting edge

mci 711/721

Process Modules

  • mci 711/721 Crimping module

    mci 711/721 Crimping module

  • mci 711/721 OMI

    mci 711/721 OMI

mci 711/721 - Top crimping performance

  • High level of user convenience
  • Integrated quality monitoring
  • Integrated interfaces for accessories
  • Efficient machine communication with TopWin
  • Reduced setup times
  • Excellent value for the money

The two crimp modules mci 711 and mci 721 guarantee an optimum bond between wire and terminal. Efficient, user-friendly operation is ensured by intelligent communication between the modules and the basic machine. A crimp force sensor is integrated as a standard feature in both modules.

With the mci 721, the crimp height is also programmable.

Area of application

The two crimp modules mci 711 and mci 721 are ideal process modules for Komax fully automatic wire processing machines with first generations TopWin.
The maximum crimp force is 20kN. The layout of both modules permits the use of all common commercial applicators.


With the mci 721 crimp module, the crimp height can be programmed in TopWin, enabling ultra short conversion times. The module is powered by a brushless servomotor. A built-in linear measuring system allows fine positioning of the module carriage in 0.01mm (0.00039in.) increments. All parameters for the mci 721 are set in the TopWin software. Both modules, the mci 711 and mci 721, are identical in construction from a mechanical standpoint. Both have an MCI interface. All options can be used on either of the modules.

User friendly

The mci 711 and mci 721 crimp modules are set up in a very user friendly manner from the TopWin software. The OMI (Operator Machine Interface) has only two buttons and a selector wheel so maximum user convenience is assured. The module, accessories, integrated crimp force monitoring and special functions like split cycle, creep speed mode, etc. can all be controlled from the OMI.
The crimp tool quick-change system ensures fast, convenient changing of tools on the module.


Both modules feature integrated crimp force monitoring in the form of a CFA (Crimp Force Analyzer). Two built-in piezo-ceramic sensors act as the pickup units. The 3-zone analysis ensures extremely reliable good/bad detection with detailed error information. The crimp curve is displayed on a graph on the OMI.

On the mci 721, the crimp force is depicted as a function of the tool movement.

A certified calibration tool for absolute force calibration is available for both presses. CFA testing equipment is available as an accessory for periodic testing of the press and the CFA.


  • Terminal strip chopper
  • Air feed set
  • Pressure regulator
  • Terminal end detection
  • Crimp height adjustment in increments of 0.01mm (0.00039in.) [mci 711 only]


  • Crimp module analyzer


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mci 711 Crimpmodul mci 721 Crimpmodul


  mci 711 mci 721
Crimp force 20kN (4500lbf) 20kN (4500lbf)
Cross section range up to 6mm² (AWG9) up to 6mm² (AWG9)
Programmable crimp height no yes
Crimp force monitoring CFA with 3-zone evaluation
CFA with 3-zone evaluation
Stroke adjustment Programmable from 20–40mm (0.78–1.57in.) Programmable from 20–40mm (0.78–1.57in.)
Communication OMI operator panel, visual good/bad display,
various I/O for accessories
OMI operator panel, visual good/bad display,
various I/O for accessories
Possible electrical connection  1×230V (1×180–260V)
3×400V (3×308–528V)
each with 50/60Hz
1×230V (1×180–260V)
3×400V (3×308–528V)
each with 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W×H×D) 280×890×470mm
Weight  approx. 100kg (268lb)  approx. 100kg (268lb)