ioc 785
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ioc 785

Process Modules

  • ioc 785 Fluxing/Tinning Device

    ioc 785 Fluxing/Tinning Device

  • ioc 785 Fluxing/Tinning Device

    ioc 785 Fluxing/Tinning Device

  • ioc 785 Fluxing/Tinning Device

    ioc 785 Fluxing/Tinning Device

Fluxing/Tinning Device ioc 785

  • Lead-free tinning
  • High tinning quality
  • Minimal slag formation
  • Continuous, controllable flow of tin
  • Ultra simple removal of the pump channel
  • Ultra simple cleaning and filling of the flux tank


The Komax ioc 785 tinning module excels in the precise flow-tinning of stranded wires. The device can be used on various fully automatic Crimp Machines from Komax and is also ideal for use with lead-free tin.


The tin spray in the ioc 785 is released in a steady flow from top to bottom. Thanks to the variable adjustment of the pump speed and the ultra precise temperature control, stranded wires can be tinned in a reliably controlled process.

The special nature of the ioc 785 also allows lead-free tin to be used, preventing additional wear to the various components.

The specialliy developed pump channel has properties to ensure ideal flow so there is minimal slag formation. What’s more, it can be dismantled without tools, which dramatically reduces the cleaning work involved.

The Flux Station is a very compact design. It features quick-change fittings to enable fast and efficient setup of the station. Meanwhile to prevent the flux from becoming too hot, the flux container is mounted far enough away from the tinning station. The position of the container is also such that it can be easily cleaned and refilled.


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ioc 785 Sample

Electrical connection 230VAC, 50/60Hz
Heating output 230 V / 915 W
Cross section range 0.03 - 1.5mm² (AWG 32 - 15)
Tinning length  1 - 12mm (longer on demand) 
Dimensions (WxHxD)  150 x 320 x 415mm