C1320 Crimp Module
40 years cutting edge

C1320 Crimp Module

Process Modules

  • C1320 Crimp module

    C1320 Crimp module

  • Robust mechanics with integrated split cycle function

    Robust mechanics with integrated split cycle function

Automation – attractively priced with great performance

Highly functional – low investment

  • Introductory automation module
  • Large crimp force range in this price class
  • Easy to operate via TopWin

Reproducible quality

  • Robust, ergonomic design
  • Precision mechanics for high process stability
  • Optional crimp force monitoring with ­MicroForce 70


  • Split cycle function for closed-barrel contacts
  • Rapid clamping system for short changeover times

The C1320 crimp module is the optimal choice for various terminals. With its high crimp force of 20 kN, it can accommodate a host of applications from a variety of industrial sectors – and can even be used to process closed-barrel terminals with the split cycle function. The module is quick to install and really user-friendly thanks to the integration into TopWin.

Optimum quality and precision for high process stability

The robust design is the ideal foundation for industrial production environments. The crimp module’s precision ­mechanics ensure maximum stability for the crimping process. You can even keep tabs on this with the simple MicroForce 70 force monitoring system. Thanks to these ­features, the C1320 offers a high level of functionality for a low investment.

Max. crimp force 20 kN
Communication I/O interface
Crimp height adjustment Manuel
Split cycle Yes
Fixed at 40 mm
Crimp force monitoring MicroForce 70
Tool clamping Quick-change system
Mains voltage

3 × 230 V 50/60 Hz or

3 × 115 V 50/60 Hz