Process modules for wire processing

Process Modules

Process modules – for economical production

To achieve efficient, economical production, you need high performance machinery that matches your requirements. Komax has developed just that for you, with its range of fully automatic crimping machines. The different standardized modules allow you to upgrade and expand your basic machines to meet your needs and your customers’ requirements. Thanks to the integrated monitoring systems, you can always comply with the requisite quality standards.


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Process Modules


The C1370 crimp module guarantees the shortest changeover times on the ...


The crimp module C1360 complements our established and proven crimp modules ...


The C1340 crimping module guarantees the shortest changeover times on the ...


The crimp module C1380 is currently used in the fully automatic wire processing ...

mci 712/722

The two crimping modules mci 712 and mci 722 are synonymous with perfection in ...


Automatic processing of taped and single ferrules in a wide range of applications.

MIL Crimp CM03

The MIL CM03 crimp module is used in the processing of bulk turned pin and socket contacts ...


The latest generation of the Komax seal module S1441 creates the ideal ...

mci 765 C

The mci 765 C seals module is an innovative device for the automatic loading of seals in ...

M1650 Tube

The M1650 Tube Marking Module marks wires fully automatically with a ...

mci 792

The most compact and efficient sleeve module in its class.


Fluxing and lead-free tinning – with optimal process safety.


Twisting strand ends – the ideal basis for optimum tinning processes.

ioc 785

The Komax ioc 785 tinning module excels in the precise flow-tinning of stranded wires ...

mci 782

The mci 782 is an extremely precise device for twisting the ends of stranded wires. It is ...


Conductor compaction is an increasingly important process in control cabinet construction ...