M1630 Jet eco

M1630 Jet eco

Marking Systems

  • M1630 Jet eco

    M1630 Jet eco

  • Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, the angular print head makes it an attractive option.

    Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, the angular print head makes it an attractive option.

  • User-friendly operation with color touch panel

    User-friendly operation with color touch panel

  • A practical cleaning station is available in the range of accessories

    A practical cleaning station is available in the range of accessories

  • Ink and make-up cartridges and i-Tech Filter Module – all with RFID control

    Ink and make-up cartridges and i-Tech Filter Module – all with RFID control

Wire marking in top quality at economy rates

Easy to use and maintain

  • Clean, error-free refilling thanks to cartridges with RFID identification
  •  Minimal maintenance, no service technician needed
  • Touch panel operation
  • Self-regulating drip generator

Optimal integration

  • Fast setup and changeover
  •  Special functions: stable character width; wire-centered font, reverse dimensioning

Cost-efficient, sustainable investment

  • Low operating and maintenance costs reduce the cost per wire
  •  Optimized ink system for reliable operation
  • One point of contact for printer and machine support

The strengths of continuous inkjet markers are particularly evident when:

  • Production costs are critical
  •  Marking changes frequently
  • Sequences with different marking are produced
  • You need to produce at high output rates

The M1630 Jet eco inkjet marker makes the advantages of inkjet marker technology affordable, even for wire processing machines in the economy segment. This means that fast, flexible printing with short changeover times is also available to those with smaller budgets.

This inkjet marker offers the main advantages of the M1630 Jet, such as optimal integration, cable-specific printing functions, low operating costs, high availability and user-friendly operation.

The eco version offers fewer features and is limited to machines that do not require the top performance of the M1630 Jet. The “eco” and the M1630 Jet both have the main advantages.

Very easy to use and maintain

The printers can be operated locally via a touch panel. Several printers connected over a network can be operated from one panel or from the machine’s control panel via an Internet browser. Inks and make-up can be refilled during operation. The RFID reader checks the modules and warns of errors. The marker is virtually maintenance free. Replacing the i-Tech module* for periodic maintenance requires no external assistance and takes only a few minutes. This significantly reduces downtime and eliminates external costs.

* i-Tech is a trademark of Domino Ltd. and stands for intelligent inkjet marker technology.

Powerful interaction with the machine

Komax markers are closely linked to the machine control. This enables quick set-up and conversion as well as minimal effort for data maintenance. All print data is collected on the machine and stored in the machine database. They can also be transmitted over a network. The marker is automatically configured at system startup.

Special functions make the M1630 Jet eco the first choice for wire marking: Dynamic flight time compensation ensures a constant character width despite accelerated travel. Wire-centered fonts reduce set-up time. Dimensioning from the end of the wire (reverse dimensioning) simplifies data input.

Cost efficiency and high availability

The cartridges can be replaced by the operators themselves, keeping maintenance costs low. Make-up consumption has been significantly reduced and the make-up recovery option reduces consumption even further. These advances significantly reduce the cost per wire. Komax M1630 Jet eco is compatible with selected machines (see technical data), for which customized attachment kits are also available.

The system from one single source

Komax inkjet markers are optimized for use on Komax machines and are part of the Komax system solution.The Komax Service Team offers worldwide support from one single source.

Additional benefits in stand-alone operation

M1630 Jet eco can be used independently of a machine to print on housings, plugs, printed circuit boards and other parts, providing significant added value.


The inkjet marker is available as two models:

  • M1630 Jet eco BC as standard for dye-based and lightly pigmented inks
  • M1630 Jet eco P for all inks, incl. strongly pigmented inks, e.g. white

M1630 Jet eco BC

(Black Color)
 M1630 Jet eco P
Ink type 1) Dye ink and lightly pigmented inks   Highly pigmented inks
Ink cartridge contents 825 ml  555 ml
Make-up cartridge contents 1200 ml  
Min./max. character height 0.9 – 4.6 mm  
Min. wire diameter 1.1 mm  
Max. printing speed 2) 3) 5.7 m/s  
Grid (character matrix) 3) 5×5, 5×5 (stacked), 7×5, 7×5 (stacked), 11×7  
Position accuracy Typically ±1 - 2 mm + 0.1 - 0.2 % of wire length  
Interface Ethernet (TCP/IP)  
Compatible with

All Kappa 3xx, Gamma 450, Gamma 448 (planned in 2023, please check the current status)

Connections 1 × 110–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 40 W in idle mode, 80 W in operation
No compressed-air connection required.
Ambient operating conditions 4) +5 to +45 °C, rel. humidity 0 – 90%, non-condensing   
Housing material, protection class Stainless steel, IP55 (splash-proof), electronics IP 66  

Dimensions (W×H×D),

Marker with 7" touch panel, 430 × 589 × 381 mm (16.9 × 23.2 × 15.0 in)
Marker without touch panel, 430 × 411 × 381 mm (16.9 × 16.2 × 15.0 in)
Space-saving setup of 2 markers on one trolley is possible.

Control panel Color touch panel, optionally 7" or 10.4", can be used for several markers  
Head hose length 3 m  
Weight (net) 22 kg (48.5 lbs)  

1)         The inks suitable for the printer configurations are listed in the list of inks
2)         Grid 5×5, font height 2.2 mm
3)         Please note the temperature range of the inks, if necessary use cooling units

Options and accessories

Operator console  7" or 10.4"
Tower light
Tower light with 4 colors and buzzer
Make-up recovery
Reduces make-up consumption
Trolley  Trolley for up to 2 markers.
When used with one marker, optionally available with cabinet or cooling unit
Attachment sets for Komax machines  Print head holder, wire harnesses etc.
Sliding table   for marking individual goods