Zeta 640/650

Zeta 640/650

Harness Manufacturing

  • Zeta 640 / Zeta 650

    Zeta 640 / Zeta 650

  • The untwisting module is used to neutralize twists in the wire.

    The untwisting module is used to neutralize twists in the wire.

  • Parallel processing set with 3 shuttles for top performance.

    Parallel processing set with 3 shuttles for top performance.

Highly flexible automation

  • Production time reduced by up to 50%
  • Continuous data flow from ECAD or DLW to the machine
  • Economic just-in-time-production from a batch of 1 and up
  • Wire deposit in the correct order for the follow-up process

Maximum productivity without changeovers

  • Up to 13 process modules
  • Automatic wire selector with up to 36 different wires
  • Automated marking with inkjet
  • Large cross-section range: 0.22 – 6 mm²

Reliable processing with high quality

  • Fully automatic production guarantees continuously high quality
  • Optional quality test modules

The industry places the highest demands on the flexibility of automated wire assembly, requiring that it be possible to process many different cables and terminals without changeovers, just-in-time, for batches of any size. Komax developed the highly flexible Zeta 640 and Zeta 650 for this reason. They allow automated processes and batch or sequential production without the need for changeovers, cutting the manufacturing time by up to 50 percent. EtherCAT improves the overall system performance and significantly increases output. With continuous data flow, the new Zeta machines are ready for their efficient future.

Greater flexibility for batches and sequences

The fully automatic wire processing machines of the latest generation provide maximum flexibility for specific manufacturing across a wide range of applications. The Zeta 640 is equipped with five process modules in the standard configuration, opening up many new possibilities for small batches or sequences. The Zeta 650 is designed for eight modules, which reduces changeovers and interruptions to a minimum. Both machines can be extended by five additional modules along the transfer section as necessary.

Time savings of up to 50 percent

The new generation Zeta reduces manual processes to a minimum. It automates all processes such as cutting to length, stripping, labeling, sleeve insertion, etc., as needed and simultaneously on both wire ends. Three pairs of blades cover the entire cross-section range, enabling production without the need for changeovers. The high-quality, durable components permit high process speeds, which in turn shortens lead times.

Wide variety with up to 36 wire types

Versatile control cabinet construction requires many different materials such as wire types, terminals or ferrules. These are available on the Zeta 640/650 without the need for changeovers. The automatic wire changer provides up to 36 different wires from the entire cross-section range. Up to two automated inkjet printers mark the wires in black and one additional color within the same sequence.

Correct order for further processing

The new Zeta machines process the required wires from A to Z in a single process step. Tied up as needed and sorted in the correct order, the bundler wire deposit provides the wires separately for further processing according to sequence or batches. This simplifies and significantly accelerates installation in the control cabinet and logistics. The wires can be removed mid-production. The binding method is freely defined for each wire, independent of the mode – batch or sequence production.

Continuous data flow to the machine

Data export from any system (ERP, ECAD, DLW, Excel cutting list, etc.) can be easily converted into readable data (TopConvert). This production data is then sent directly to the machine via the WPCS Komax interface. Manual programming of items in the machine is eliminated, making entry error-free and highly efficient – even with a batch size of one.

Continuous high quality thanks to automation

The continuous data transfer minimizes errors as manual entry on the machine is not necessary. The fully automatic production guarantees reproducible, continuous quality. Crimp height and pull-out force measurement is integrated and defective wires are automatically separated. Further quality monitoring like the automatic conductor detector (ACD), are available as an option.

Versatile configurations and options

An extensive range of process modules and options enables flexible configuration of the Zeta 640/650. The large number of terminal parts in the industrial sector can be processed with the C1370 crimp module. The CM 1/5 GS ferrule module is able to accommodate five taped AEH rolls simultaneously. A double gripper module enables the production of horizontal and vertical double crimps. Modules for untwisting and separating batches complete the processing possibilities.

Length range with two-sided processing

240 mm up to 3 m (9.44 in. – 9.8 ft.) standard
85 mm up to 240 mm (3.34 – 4.33 in.) application
3 m up to 5 m (9.8 – 16.4 ft.)*
5 m up to 10 m (16.4 – 32.8 ft )*

Length range with one-sided processing

85 mm up to 3 m (3.34 in. – 9.8 ft.) standard
3 m up to 5 m (9.8 – 16.4 ft.)*
5 m up to 10 m (16.4 – 32.8 ft.)*

Stripping lengths

up to 25 mm (0.98 in.)

Wire cross sections**

0.22 – 6mm² (AWG24 – 10)

Useable transfer length Zeta 640
1880 mm (74 in.), up to 5 crimp modules C1370
Useable transfer length Zeta 650
2880 mm (113.4 in.) up to 8 crimp modules C1370
Useable transfer length extension
1720 mm (67.7 in.), up to 5 additional crimp modules C1370
Wire feed speed
Maximum of 10 m/s (33 ft/s)
Wire selector
Maximum of 36 cables (in increments of six cables)
Noise level
< 75 dB (without crimp modules)
Electrical connection
3 × 208 – 480 V 50/60 Hz; 10 kVA (basic machine)
Compressed-air connection
5 – 6 bar (73 – 87 psi)
Air consumption 12 m³/h, (424 ft³/h) (without modules)
Weight Zeta 640 approx. 1.9 t (4189 lbs)
Zeta 650 approx. 2.6 t (5732 lbs)

* Wire tests at Komax Switzerland necessary

** Certain extremely hard, tough wires may not be able to be processed even if they are within the indicated cross section range. In case of doubt, we are happy to produce samples of your wires.

Cutting Cutting
Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Full stripping Full strip both sides
Half stripping Half strip both sides
Double sheath cable processing Triaxial cable
Double crimping Double crimping different wire
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle both sides
Seal insertion Sealing both sides
Twisting / tinning Twisting and tinning
Sleeve insertion Sleave insertion Z633
Ferrule crimping Ferrule crimping
MIL crimping MIL Crimp
Wire end solidifying, splicing, welding Wire end solidifying
Inkjet marking Inkjet Zeta
Tube marking Tube marking
Sequence processing Sequence Zeta