Omega 740/750

Omega 740/750

Harness Manufacturing

  • Omega 740 / Omega 750

    Omega 740 / Omega 750

  • The loading gripper monitors loading force throughout production and checks for correct terminal latching.

    The loading gripper monitors loading force throughout production and checks for correct terminal latching.

  • The optical terminal measuring system enables the loading of a wide range of terminals.

    The optical terminal measuring system enables the loading of a wide range of terminals.

  • The optical terminal measuring system enables the loading of a wide range of terminals.

    The optical terminal measuring system enables the loading of a wide range of terminals.

Shorter run – less storage requirement

  • Shortest lead times – significantly reduced production time
  • Minimized stock level of semi-finished products
  • Optimized production process

Automated quality for the end product

  • Continuous quality, independent of the operator
  • Reliable loading of miniaturized components
  • Force monitoring of the entire loading process
  • Optional ACD incision monitoring

High flexibility

  • Standard machine – quick and individual changeover
  • Unlimited number of applications

Komax has developed the fully automatic block loader machines, the Omega 740 and Omega 750, for wire harness production with insertion of housings. The highly flexible system enables operator-independent production with double-sided block loading in the highest quality and different complexity without the need for interim storage of individual wires. It is the economical answer to ongoing miniaturization and increasingly smaller batches. The Omega series makes it possible to manufacture a range of different wire harnesses while simultaneously reducing production time significantly. The tried and tested EtherCAT platform improves overall system performance and significantly increases output.

Highly flexible block loading

The new Omegas feature a 40 percent larger pallet to accommodate many different housings. This makes it possible to mount more types of housings on a single pallet and manufacture different wire harness configurations simultaneously, thus significantly increasing flexibility. The pallets are loaded and unloaded as the machine is running, while another wire harness is produced on the second pallet with the newly developed, rapid hybrid gripper.

Shorter lead times – less storage requirement – optimized process

Decisive savings in time and logistics and a corresponding growth in productivity can be achieved thanks to the absence of manual steps, interim storage and transport. Cutting, crimping and loading of the terminals all take place on the same machine and the time-consuming storage of individual wires is eliminated. Stock levels of semi-finished products can also be reduced, resulting in faster responses to design changes and reducing the amount of material to be liquidated.

High flexibility and simple operation

The new fully automatic blockloaders with enlarged mounting pallets ensure even greater flexibility for specific manufacturing across a wide range of applications. They process wire harnesses in a single process step from A to Z and open up new possibilities for the required wire sets. Already created wire harnesses can be loaded again in seconds and re-produced. Thanks to individual configurations – the Omega 740 with five process modules and the Omega 750 with eight – changeovers and interruptions are reduced to a minimum.

Wide variety with up to 36 wire types

The different wire types for versatile wire harness production are available on the Omegas without the need for changeovers. The automatic wire changer provides up to 36 different wires from the entire cross-section range. Two automated inkjet printers mark the wires in black and one additional color within the same sequence.

New possibilities thanks to the optional OBMS

The optional OBMS optical measuring system makes the application even more flexible. It measures the individual block chambers precisely using a camera system and enables the automatic loading of components that could only be processed manually until now.

Guaranteed quality of the end products

The quality of the end product is continually guaranteed, independent of the machine operator. A high-precision force sensor monitors the entire insertion process and correct latching of the terminal parts in thehousing. The individual default values are synchronized. As a result, the insertion of small components, which can hardly be inserted by hand, is carried out in an absolutely reliable manner – supported by a precise and fast spindle drive. Thanks to the direct production of wire harnesses and the removal of interim storage, the danger of terminals being damaged through the storage process or from mistakes and incorrect loading is also eliminated.

The optional automatic conductor detector (ACD) reduces operator influence and ensures quality monitoring even for the finest wires. The ACD detects the slightest contact between the blades and conductor strands during stripping.

Continuous data flow and traceability

Production data can be sent directly to the machine via a network. The quality data from the production process is saved for each wire harness and traceability is guaranteed at all times.

Comprehensive advice for functional implementation

Komax brings the corresponding expert knowledge for the automation of wire harness production with Omega. Specialists evaluate the design of the wire harnesses and components with regard to automated processing. They present design proposals and assist companies in the optimal integration into their production process.

Piece output, one-ended and two-ended loading*

1.8s per loading
Shortest wire length

one-sided loading:
240 mm (9.45 in.)

jumper connections at both ends:
300 – 560 mm** (11.81 – 22.05 in.**)

complex loading:
300 – 780 mm** (11.81 – 30.71 in.**)

Stripping lengths

Up to 25 mm (0.98 in.)

Wire cross sections***
0.13 – 2.5 mm² (AWG26 – 14)
Outside diameter of wire
Max. 4 mm (0.16 in.)
Usable transfer lengths Omega 740
1880 mm (74 in.), up to 5 C1370 crimp modules
Usable transfer lengths Omega 750
2880 mm (113.4 in), up to 8 C1370 crimp modules
Usable transfer lengths extension
1840 mm (72.4 in), up to 5 additional C1370 crimp modules
Wire selector
Max. 36 cables (in increments of six cables)
Wire-end storage
Rotary storage unit with a maximum of 30 memory slots
Process monitoring (integrated)

Collision monitoring (block cavities)
Monitoring of loading force
Monitoring of terminal interlocking

Block feed

Carousel with pallets
(customer-specific solution on request)

Pallet system, Loading field (W×H) 280 × 200mm (11.02 × 7.87 in.)
Electrical connection 3×208–480V, 50/60 Hz/10kVA 
Compressed-air connection 6 bar (87 psi)
Air consumption 20 m³/h (706 ft³/h)
* The output rate depends on the wire length and housing/terminal combinations.

** Depends on wire harness structure.

*** Certain extremely hard, tough wires may not be able to be processed even if they are within the indicated cross section range. In case of doubt, we are happy to produce samples of your wires. 
Cutting Cutting
Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Full stripping Full strip both sides
Half stripping Half strip both sides
Double sheath cable processing Triaxial cable
Double crimping Double crimping different wire
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle both sides
Seal insertion Sealing both sides
Twisting / tinning Twisting and tinning
Sleeve insertion Sleave insertion A355S Z651 Z656
Ferrule crimping Ferrule crimping
MIL crimping MIL Crimp
Wire end solidifying, splicing, welding Wire end solidifying
Inkjet marking Inkjet Zeta
Block loading / Wire harness production Block loading double sided
Sequence processing Sequence Zeta