bt 752 – BenchTop crimper

bt 752


  • bt 752 BenchTop crimper

    bt 752 BenchTop crimper

  • bt 752 BenchTop crimper

    bt 752 BenchTop crimper - Touch screen

  • bt 752 BenchTop crimper

    bt 752 BenchTop crimper - Crimping tool

bt 752 – BenchTop crimper

  • Quick changeover, setup and cycle times
  • Active quality monitoring even during setup
  • Minimal material used during setup
  • Integrated crimp force analysis CFA / CFA+
  • Easy to operate with TopTouch
  • Saving of machine and processing parameters
  • Good/bad sorting through elimination of bad crimps
  • Neat disposal of insulation scrap
  • Seal applications compatible with mci 761, mci 762, mci 765 and bt 700

The Komax bt 752 crimper delivers three processes in a single device: stripping, seal loading and crimping. Reliability and top production performance coupled with the user friendly TopTouch interface are the features that make this semi-automatic device such a compelling product.


Quality monitored crimping of single and multi-conductor cables is no problem with the semi-automatic bt 752 crimper, not even when short stripping lengths are involved. Standard commercial crimp tools (side feed) can be used for processing.

Optimum controls

The controls are on a color touch screen and available in several different languages. System operation is fast, logical and symbol-based with the TopTouch user interface.


The programmable crimp height, integrated CFA / CFA+ crimp force analysis and bad crimp cutter ensure a final product of top quality. Quality measurements are mandatorily required during production setup. Once the measured values are entered, any deviations are automatically corrected; production is released when the measured values match the specified ones. This approach eliminates errors that can arise, for example, when the operator manually sets the crimp height.

Only one crimp is needed for referencing the integrated crimp force analysis.

This feature reduces the material used and minimizes the setup time.

The seal applications are modular in design to guarantee fast changeovers and are fully compatible with the Komax mci 761, mci 762 and mci 765 and the bt 700 manual workstation.


With the programmable stripper unit, the device can be set up without mechanical adjustment. All required processing parameters can be set and saved in the TopTouch user software. The zero-cut and wayback for pull-off functions combine with a programmable cutting depth function to assure perfect stripping.


  • Bad crimp cutter
  • Terminal strip chopper
  • Active paper winder
  • Air feed set
  • Short shield length
  • Crimper table
  • Sequence processing
  • Crimp module analyzer

Optional bad crimp cutter

The bad crimp cutter cuts off any crimp detected as bad by the crimp force analyzer. You can program whether the cut is to go directly through the terminal or through the conductor. Cutting through the terminal involves less loss of cable length, allowing further use of the conductor.

Optional sequence processing

If you use sequence processing to process a multi-core cable that has, for example, different conductor cross sections but the same terminal, you only need to handle the cable once.

The conductors can be manufactured with different crimp heights and different types of crimp force analysis. The machine operator is visually guided through shielded cable production.

Crimp force 20kN (4500lbf)
Conductor cross section for crimping up to 6mm² (AWG10)
Programmable crimp height +0.2/-0.8mm (+0.008/-0.032in.) 
Programmable stroke 10–40mm (0.39–0.58in.)
Electrical connection  1×115V / 50/60Hz
1×230V / 50/60Hz 
Dimensions (W×H×D) 820×830×920mm (32.3×32.7×36.2in.)
Weight  approx. 200kg (441lbs)
Seal data for bt 752 Maximum diameter of 10mm (0.39in.)
Maximum length of 8mm (0.32in.)


Stripping length

max. 12mm (0.47in.)

Conductor cross section for stripping

0.125–4mm² (AWG26–AWG11)

Bad terminal cut and zero-cut

0.125–2.5mm² (AWG26–AWG13)

Cycle time 

Approx. 1.3sec; stripping, seal loading, crimping
Approx. 1.9sec; seal loading, stripping, crimping 

Pneumatic connection

5–6bar (72.25–116psi)

Optional bad part cutter:

Bad part cut through terminal

Up to 2.5mm² (AWG13)

Bad part cut through cable

Up to 4mm² (AWG11)

Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Precision cut Precision cut
Full stripping Full strip one side
Half stripping Half strip one side
Multi-conductor cable processing Multi conductor cable bt
Crimping Crimping bt
Sequence processing Sequence bt
Double crimping Double crimping bt
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle one side
Seal insertion Sealing bt