Crimping Press bt 712
40 years cutting edge

bt 712


  • bt 712 benchtop press

    bt 712 Bench top crimping press

  • bt 712 benchtop press

    bt 712 Bench top press with Digistripper

  • bt 712 benchtop press

    bt 712 Bench top crimping press

  • bt 712 benchtop press

    bt 712 Bench top crimping press

bt 712 – Bench top crimping press

  • Ultra-quick changeover, setup and cycle times
  • Active quality monitoring even during setup
  • Minimal material used during setup
  • Integrated crimp force analysis CFA/CFA+
  • Integrated bad terminal handling
  • Easy to operate with TopTouch
  • Saving of machine and processing parameters
  • Good/bad sorting through cutoff of bad crimps

The bt 712 bench top press is a precise semiautomatic crimping press with great functionality and big benefits to users, all at good value for the money.


The semiautomatic bt 712 bench top model is compelling for its modern technology and sets new standards in quality and speed. This all-purpose press accommodates the use of all common commercial crimping tools so individual crimps previously done manually can be processed on it with great precision. In terms of safety features, the bt 712 has a safety cover equipped with a dual-channel safety system (RCS).

The software (in 12 languages) can be operated from a small touch screen interface (TCI). The bench top press has a service tool integrated with a data memory for storing up to 500 articles, for making backups and for uploading updates.

The crimp force analyzer that comes with the press detects good and bad wires reliably and gives a detailed description of errors.

Proven and useful options such as short projecting cable, bad contact cutter (BCC), fine adjustment and a contact strip chopper can all be integrated in the press to boost efficiency and process quality even more.

Boosting daily production

There is now a new option available for the bt 712: a programmable stripper that leaves virtually nothing to be desired. In situations where machine changeovers are frequent, the reliable and programmable DigiStripper greatly influences production output. Setup time is reduced by more than 50 percent merely through the use of programmed articles. Mechanical adjustments are cut to a minimum. There is also a dramatic reduction in the material used for setup.

bt 712 with Digistripper

Process control thanks to integrated stripping function

Functions like the cut-off of pulled strands and zero cut have also been integrated along with the DigiStripper. Zero cut is needed especially when shielded cables or twisted conductors are processed. It ensures that the insertion position in the crimp is correct even if the insulation is pulled forward. A wayback operation ensures that no strands are pulled forward and enables even the most difficult insulation to be stripped reliably in a controlled process. The cycle time is ultra-short, being far less than one second for stripping and crimping. Snippets from stripping are collected in a scrap drawer. The DigiStripper neatly cuts off and removes any bad contacts detected by the CFA / CFA+. As an option, an additional bad contact cutter is available for use with the bt 712. Compared to the DigiStripper, this cutter can cut through contacts and thus allow reworking.

The latest generation of crimp force analysis

The new fully integrated crimp force analysis CFA + is extremely user friendly. It helps the operator prevent set-up errors and independently calculates optimum parameters to combine quality with a high production output. CFA + is a reliable means of production monitoring. It saves time and money and is the ideal tool for quality-conscious user.


  • Bad part cutter
  • Contact strip chopper (chopper)
  • Active paper winder
  • Air feed set
  • Short shield length
  • Table
  • Pressure regulation set
  • Crimp module analyzer

Optional bad part cutter

The bad part cutter cuts off any crimp detected as bad by the crimp force analyzer. You can program whether the cut is to go directly through the terminal or through the conductor. Cutting through the terminal involves less loss of cable length, allowing further use of the conductor.


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  • Production Assistance
  • Certified Training Courses
  • Feasibility Test

Cross section range up to 6 mm² (AWG10)*
Crimp force 20 kN (2 tons)
Adjustable crimp height +5.00/-3.00 mm
Resolution  0.01 mm 
Repeat accuracy  +/-0.01 mm 
Stroke  programmable 10 – 40 mm 
Cycle time (crimping)  0.3 sec 
*Depends on the crimping tool/with optional short shield length of 23 mm
Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Precision cut Precision cut
Full stripping Full strip one side
Half stripping Half strip one side
Multi-conductor cable processing Multi conductor cable bt
Crimping Crimping bt
Double crimping Double crimping bt
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle one side