Alpha 565

Alpha 565

Crimp to Crimp

  • Alpha 565

    Alpha 565

  • Plenty of room for various process combinations

    Plenty of room for various process combinations

  • Fluxing/tinning module X1585

    Fluxing/tinning module X1585

  • Twisting module X1582

    Twisting module X1582

  • DC double gripper module

    DC double gripper module

High flexibility for your future requirements

High flexibility for customer-specific processes

  • Up to seven process modules
  • Conductor cross sections from 0.13 – 6 mm²
  • Cross sections up to 10 mm² possible on request
  • Extremely flexible – even complex processes like dual core wire processing, ultrasonic compaction, welding, etc., can be realized

Outstanding productivity and quality

  • High production output due to innovative machine and process module design
  • Comprehensive quality monitoring with CFA+, CFA, ACD, Q1250 scalable
  • High-performance machine parts with long service life (Alpha 550 platform)
  • Real-time data exchange of all quality and production data via Komax HMI

Developed for your future needs

  • Machine setup and configuration can be easily adjusted or extended
  • The platform offers plenty of space for new applications
  • Easy training of employees thanks to the clearly structured user interface (HMI) 

The Alpha 565 is a flexible and expandable wire processing machine with seven process modules. In addition to its core functions of two-sided crimp and seal insertion, the Alpha 565 also offers plenty of space for special processing, e.g. application of ferrules or MIL crimps, tinning, twisting, solidifying, ultrasonics, welding and much more. The conductor cross section range of 0.13 mm² to 6 mm² covers all common requirements. The proven Alpha 550 technology provides the perfect base for integrating customer-specific applications easily and effectively.

Customer-specific and individual

Thanks to the different process modules, complex and individual configurations of up to seven stations are possible. Programming of customer-specific processes is available on request.

C1370 / C1360 / C1340 crimp module for maximum productivity

The efficient user guidance and wire positioning directly on the module allows the shortest setup and changeover times. CFA+ guarantees the highest quality with minimal rejects. The robust crimp module design delivers extraordinary repeat accuracy. Features like the stroke and split cycle can be programmed easily. The C1370/C1360 adjusts the crimp height automatically during programming.

Seal module S1441 for maximum flexibility

The module automatically fits wires with conventional seals and mini seals. The combination of precision mechanics and seal position monitoring functionality on the Q1250 scalable quality module guarantees a high degree of process reliability and maximum productivity. The module can be simply and quickly switched from one seal variety to another. 

Optical crimp monitoring Q1250 scalable

The Q1250 scalable quality assurance module runs an optical check on the strip quality and automatically rejects defective products. Seal monitoring is also available (connectible under license) for checking the seal position and orientation. Product quality can be traced end to end via statistics, image capture and network feedback.

X1582 twisting module

Twisted strand ends are the ideal basis for carrying out tinning rapidly and with pinpoint accuracy. The X1582 twisting module twists stripped wire ends in a wide range of dimensions. The twisting process is very precise, ensuring that no strands are damaged – even for extremely thin wires.

X1585 fluxing/tinning module

The X1585 fluxing/tinning module for Komax fully automated machines enables versatile lead-free tinning of strand ends. Constant tin flow ensures consistent quality. The precisely adjustable speed and temperature guarantee a high level of process reliability.

DC double gripper module

Using a sophisticated rotary gripper, two wires are brought together and stored temporarily on the fully automatic wire rocessing machine. The wire gripper then takes both wires (either horizontally or vertically, depending on the setting) and swivels them over to the crimp module.

AEH-LS ferrule modules

Automatic insertion of single ferrules on stripped wires. 

Sleeve module

The sleeve module inserts different types of sleeves reliably and efficiently on one device. An application set allows the module to be changed over quickly to other sleeve types. 

Conductor cross section* 0.13–6 mm² (AWG 26–10) up to 10 mm² (AWG 8) as an application, on request
Wire retraction speed max. 12 m/s (39 ft/s)
Wire outer diameter max. 5.1 mm (0.20 in)
Length range** 60 – 65‘000 mm (2.35 in – 213 ft)
Full strip 0.1 – 29.5 mm (0.004 – 1.16 in)
Partial strip max. 35.5 mm (1.4 in)
Crimp force* 1 – 22 kN (224-4‘946 lbf)
Process module side 1 / 2 4 / 3
Noise level < 80 dB (without crimp tool)
Electrical connection 3 × 208 – 480 V / 50 – 60 Hz / 5.6 k VA
Compressed air connection 5 – 8 bar (73 – 116 psi.)
Air consumption
crimp / crimp
crimp seal / crimp seal

< 7 m³/h (247 ft.³/h)
< 11 m³/h (388.5 ft.³/h)
Weight (incl. 2 crimp modules) 1.40 t (3087 lbs.)

* Komax offers feasibility tests for advance testing. Processing of larger conductor cross sections possible on request.

** Repeat accuracy ± (0.2% + 1 mm [0.04in.])

Cutting Cutting
Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Full stripping Full strip both sides
Half stripping Half strip both sides
Core processing Inner conductor 2pol crimp
Coaxial and triaxial cable processing Coaxial cable
Double sheath cable processing Triaxial cable
Intermediate strip Intermediate strip
Crimping Crimping cc
Double crimping Double crimping Alpha 530/550
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle both sides
Seal insertion Sealing both sides
Twisting / tinning Twisting and tinning
Sleeve insertion Sleave insertion A355S Z651 Z656
Ferrule crimping Ferrule crimping
MIL crimping MIL Crimp
Wire end solidifying, splicing, welding Wire end solidifying
Hot stamp marking Hot stamp marking with strip
Inkjet marking Inkjet