Alpha 433 H
40 years cutting edge

Alpha 433 H

Crimp to Crimp

  • Alpha 433 H Wire crimping machine

    Alpha 433 H fully automatic wire processing machine

  • Alpha 433 H Wire crimping machine

    Alpha 433 H fully automatic wire processing machine

  • Alpha 433 H Wire crimping machine

    Alpha 433 H Wire crimping machine - Toolbox

Alpha 433 H – fully automatic wire processing machine

  • Incomparable flexibility with up to five processing stations
  • Short conversion times
  • Maximum ease of operation thanks to TopWin user software
  • Networkable with WPCS interface
  • Belt drive for high processing speed
  • Extensive range of accessories

Wire Processing to the Most Exacting Standards - Great Versatility Without Conversion.
The Alpha 433 fully automatic crimping machine is based on state of the art technology and is designed for processing single conductors as well as double crimp connections.


The Alpha 433 models are unsurpassed in their flexibility. Seal loading on one or both wire ends, various terminals and double crimp connections of different lengths and the same wires can be processed without difficulty. Teamed up with the powerful crimp module P104 and quick changeable seals module mci 761 the Alpha 433 H is a compact system offering optimum accessibility and short conversion times.

Alpha 433 H Verarbeitung


The highly dynamic servo drives assure the gentle handling of wires even when large quantities are produced. With the TopWin user software, the gripper pressure can be adjusted to match the specific wire being processed. The unique gripper design allows the entire wire cross section range to be processed without having to change the gripper jaws.
The cutting head effortlessly processes wires up to 6mm² in cross section or even up to 16mm² on the Alpha 433 H. The powerful servo motor and the two radius stripping blades arranged next to each other allow the entire processing range to be processed without conversion.


Thanks to the quick locking system, the guide tubes can be changed without tools. All guide tubes and setup gages are stored in a built-in drawer so they are within reach at all times.

Alpha 433 H

Large wires no longer pose a problem. The Alpha 433 H is capable of processing large wires up to 16mm² (fine-wire conductors). The P104 crimp module delivers the requisite force to process large terminals. Terminals and seals can be crimped and loaded on both wire ends.


The optional interface WPCS (Wire Processing Communication Stand-ard) allows Komax machines to be networked under TopWin. With this open interface, the machine is easy to integrate into existing production sequences.

Komax MES is a clearly arranged mana-gement software with functions for the centralized creation and management of parts, articles and jobs that help you to optimize your production operations.

TopConvert can be used to convert already existing job and article lists to WPCS format. This data can then be directly processed by fully automatic crimping machines.

Processing modules

The Alpha 433 H can be customized with various accessories to meet specific customer needs:

  • P104 crimping module
  • mci 761 seal module

Double gripper module

Wires of different lengths are processed into a double crimp connection in the double gripper module. The double gripper module is mounted on side 2. Its compact design also allows the mci 761 seals module and a crimping press to be mounted on side 2.


The Alpha 433 H can be tailored to match specific customer requirements by combining them with various types of accessories.

Preliminary wire processing

  • Continuous wire feed

Crimping module accessories

  • Height-adjustable lifting table
  • Contact strip cutter

Process monitoring units

  • Crimp force analyzer
  • Seal detection
  • Wire end monitoring

Wire deposition

  • Basic 2m or 4m module
  • Extension module (2m or 4m)

Further accessories

  • Height adjustable drum cover holder

Further modules

  • Double gripper module


Komax offer to you an optimal support by individual Service offers.

  • After-Sales Service
  • Production Assistance
  • Certified Training Courses
  • Feasibility Test
Length range 60mm - 65000mm
optional from 35mm
Length accuracy ± 1mm or <0,2%, depend of the wirelength
Stripping lengths 0,1 - 18mm
Stripping lengths with partial strip Side 1: 35mm ± 1mm (optional 50mm)
Side 2: 35mm ± 1mm
Cross sections 0,20 - 6,0mm² / AWG24 - 10
0,20 - 16mm² / AWG24 - 6 (Alpha 433 H)
Wire feed rate max. 10m/s
Noise level <75dB (without crimping module)
Electrical power 3x208-480V / 50-60Hz; 10kVA
Operating pressure 5 - 6bar
Air consumption 9 m³/h
Weight 1200kg
(with 2 presses and lifting pedestal)
*Extremely hard and tough wires may not be able to be processed even if they are within the above cross section range. If you are in doubt about your wires, we are happy to process samples of them.

Alpha 433 H Layout
Cutting Cutting
Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Full stripping Full strip both sides
Half stripping Half strip both sides
Double sheath cable processing Triaxial cable
Coaxial and triaxial cable processing Coaxial cable
Intermediate strip Intermediate strip
Crimping Crimping cc
Sequence processing Sequence cc
Double crimping Double crimping same crimp
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle both sides
Seal insertion Sealing both sides
Ferrule crimping Ferrule crimping