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On this web-based Blade Finder you have an overview of most available blades. Here you can also find alternative blades made of a different material or featuring a different coating. However, do not hesitate to contact Komax Wire if you do not find the blade you are looking for or if you need an application specific, tailor-made blade.

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Komax Corporation US-Buffalo Grove

Sales and service

The production of blades has been a core area of expertise at Komax Wire since it was founded. These blades are made completely in Switzerland and have an optimum ratio of hardness to ductility.

The consistently high quality of the blades can be attributed to the narrow production tolerance ranges for blade geometry as well as the special materials that go into making them.

Blades from Komax Wire guarantee consistently excellent results. They are quality tested and form a well-coordinated system with the machine. Special coatings ensure high stability and a long service life while accommodating the processing of different cable materials.

There are blades in stock for most applications. The broad range consists of more than 1000 different blades.

When you purchase an original blade from Komax Wire, you can be sure of acquiring a high quality product.

Nomenclature / dimensioning

Abbr. Description Remark Example Unit
R Radius Radius of blade R=0.50 mm
D Diameter Diameter of conductor D=2.70 mm
W Width Width of blade W=40 mm
P Pitch Conductor spacing P=1.27 mm
P Pitch Number of cores 16-x -