Komax Leasing

Komax Leasing

Consulting + Installation

  • Komax Leasing
  • Leasing frees up your cash providing you with the equipment you need without emptying your pockets.
  • Leasing preserves your credit lines enabling you to purchase the equipment you need while still being able to use your credit lines for other, more immediate matters.
  • Leasing is flexible and predictable with a variety of different programs such as deferred payments, skip payments, and step leases to accommodate your needs.

Interested in freeing up your cash, preserving your credit lines, and accommodating payment flexibility? A leasing contract through FirstLease, Inc. may be ideal for you.

Your requirements

  • I want to acquire equipment without a large cash outlay
  • I want to upgrade, add-on, or replace current equipment
  • I want to match payments to cash flow
  • I want to avoid affecting lines of credit
  • I want to deduct all, or most, of my monthly payment
  • I want to delay payments until my equipment is up and running


Komax Corporation, in partnership with FirstLease,Inc., is ready to provide your company with lease financing for your wire processing equipment needs.

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Komax (United States of America only)

Scope of services

  • Leasing contract based on your specific requirements
  • Acquire the equipment you need while preserving your cash
  • 100 % financing and same day approval possible