Zeta 656
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Zeta 656

Harness Manufacturing

  • Zeta 633/656 Block loading - wire harness manufacturing

    Zeta 633/656 Block loading - wire harness manufacturing

  • Zeta 656 Pallets - wire harness manufacturing

    Zeta 656 Pallets - wire harness manufacturing

Zeta 656 – Block loading

  • Fully automatic harness production even when miniature components are involved
  • Seamless quality monitoring of all process steps
  • Fully automatic post-production
  • Manufacture of different kinds of harnesses on a single machine
  • High availability thanks to minimal work involved with changeover

Producing wire harnesses reliably with high process stability. The Zeta 656 performs this task with speed and precision. This block loader is also compelling for its great flexibility and short changeover times.


The Zeta 656 is designed for double sided block loading. Teamed up with the Zeta 633 basic machine, it creates a standardized total solution for the automatic production of wire harnesses.


With its ultra-precise insertion technology, the Zeta 656 can process wire cross sections of 0.13mm² (AWG26) and multi-row housings featuring a grid element spacing of 1.5mm (0.059in) without any trouble.

Manual insertion of these miniaturized components is difficult and prone to error.

Zeta 656 Bestueckung mini


The housings are mounted on a pallet system to permit very flexible production of the widest range of harness configurations. It is easy to implement any changes in the wire harness or to set up completely new harnesses.

Precise movement axes powered with a spindle drive allow highly dynamic and fast insertion processes.

From preinsertion and actual insertion to final insertion and interlock testing, the complete insertion process is monitored by the integrated precise force sensor so top quality is guaranteed.

User friendly

The pallets are loaded and unloaded with the machine running while the machine is producing a harness on the other pallet. A safety light curtain protects the user from the hazardous area during this work. Operations can be expanded to a third pallet to increase machine autonomy to an even greater extent.

The «post production» option is used to replace incorrectly crimped conductors and fit them with components automatically. No operator intervention is required.

Zeta 656 Kabelspeicher


The software add-on for the Zeta 656 block loader covers the automatically calculated insertion sequence and helps to simplify the setup of new wires. The software calculates the management of individual holder grippers in the rotary storage unit for «chaotic» harnesses.

The optional interface WPCS (Wire Processing Communication Stand-ard) allows Komax machines to be networked under TopWin. With this open interface, the machine is easy to integrate into existing production sequences.

TopNet is a clearly arranged mana-gement software with functions for the centralized creation and management of parts, articles and jobs that help you to optimize your production operations.

TopConvert can be used to convert already existing job and article lists to WPCS format. This data can then be directly processed by fully automatic crimping machines.


The Zeta 656 can be tailored to a customer‘s specific requirements by adding various types of accessories, e.g. block closing, secondary interlocking, etc. We are happy to send you a quotation for your specific request.


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Piece number output* 

One- and Two-ended loading 1.8s per loading operation

* Piece number output depends on wire length and block/terminal combinations. 
Shortest wire length 

With one-ended loading 85–110/240mm
For jumper connections at both ends 300mm–480mm**
For complex loading operations 300mm–680mm**

** Depends on wire harness structure 
Cable cross sections*** 0.13mm²–2.5mm² (AWG26–AWG14)
Outside cable diameter Maximum of 4mm
Wire end storage unit Rotary storage unit with a maximum of 30 storage slots
Process monitoring (integrated) Collision monitoring (block cavities)
Monitoring of loading force
Monitoring of terminal interlocking
Block feed Carousel with pallets Customerspecific solution on request
Pallet system Loading field (WxHxD)164x200x120mm
Directly from Zeta 633
*** Wires outside the indicated cross section range can also be processed on the Zeta. In case of doubt, we are happy to produce samples of your wires for you.

Zeta 656 Layout
Cutting Cutting
Cutting pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Full stripping Full strip both sides
Half stripping Half strip both sides
Double sheath cable processing Triaxial cable
Crimping Crimping cc
Inkjet marking Inkjet Zeta
Sequence processing Sequence Zeta
Double crimping Double crimping different wire
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle both sides
Seal insertion Sealing both sides
Twisting / tinning Twisting and tinning
Sleeve insertion Sleave insertion A355S Z651 Z656
Ferrule crimping Ferrule crimping
MIL crimping MIL Crimp
Wire end solidifying, splicing, welding Wire end solidifying
Block loading / Wire harness production Block loading double sided