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Wire Stripper

Electrical wire stripping, Rotary wire stripper, Coaxial Wire Stripper and Rotary Jacket Stripper.

With the Stripper Products of Komax Wire, it is possible to process coaxial cables as well as the widest variety of strand involving difficult-to-process insulation materials.


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Wire Stripper

Mira 230

Wire processing today involves a large mix of products as requirements are becoming ...

Cosmic 32 Series

Electrical Wire Stripper – Cosmic 32M / 32M CDD

Cosmic 927 Series

Rotary Wire Stripper – Cosmic 927R / 927RX / 927RX-WL

Cosmic 42R

Coaxial Wire Stripper – Cosmic 42R

Cosmic 48 Series

Coaxial Wire Stripper – Cosmic 48R / 48RX

Cosmic 60 Series

Rotary Jacket Stripper – Cosmic 60R / 60R-W / 60R-L