Wire harness manufacturing with Komax machines
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Harness Manufacturing

The new generation of insertion machines – a quantum leap in fully automatic wire harness manufacturing

Fully automatic block loading and wire harness manufacturing will become increasingly important in the future. After all, the full automation of these processes, complete with integrated quality monitoring, is the only way to assure maximum quality and efficiency.

Teamed up with the fully automatic Zeta 633 crimping machine, the Komax block loaders Zeta 651 and Zeta 656 can create flexible systems for the fully automatic production of wire harnesses covering the broadest range of complexity. This approach also addresses the industry trend towards ever smaller batches in production. The machine design allows different wire harnesses to be produced simultaneously and thus greatly reduces the cost per lead set. What’s more, you can add new applications later on with no difficulty at all.

Fully automatic block loading and wire harness manufacturing – all the way to their requirements.


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