Preventive Maintenance Program
40 years cutting edge

Preventive Maintenance Program

Field Services

  • Maintenance Program

Improved reliability and increased productivity

  • Maximized lifetime for your machine
  • Minimized risk of production stop
  • Predictable and calculable maintenance costs
  • Preventive maintenance according to latest standards and experiences
  • Detailed report with performed work
  • No internal high level maintenance resources needed
  • Warranty on labor and material

A yearly maintenance performed by a Komax Wire specialist with the latest technical know-how available is an excellent way of minimizing the risk of production stop on your machines. During our maintenance we will exchange all relevant parts and do all checks needed to guarantee a long term high level functionality.

Service agreements

To handle the annual maintenance without any hassle, Komax Wire offers individual service agreements. Regular maintenance of the machine and its accessories as well as the calibration of quality monitoring devices ensure high machine performance and a long machine lifetime.

Our offer

  • Machine maintenance based on the latest findings and experience
  • Attractive package with the necessary parts (no wear parts)
  • Detailed customer protocol
  • Maintenance carried out by a Komax Wire specialist