Production Analysis
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Production Analysis

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  • Production Analysis

Transperency is the basis for every optimization

  • Reduced down time
  • Increased output
  • Reduced rejection rate
  • Indication of unproductive factors
  • Detailed picture of times and performance
  • Suggestions
  • Action plan

Transparency is the basis for every optimization of production and processes. To achieve lasting optimization, it is essential to have detailed information on the times involved in the individual steps of the production.


With our product, this time data is precisely recorded and then compiled and presented using the key figure OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). This information allows Komax Wire to suggest ways of improving the process.

Producing efficiently together

Our customers’ tireless striving to boost the efficiency of production is incentive for us to provide the best possible support. It is our goal to make sure the most productive machinery possible is installed in the field. This goal and the skill of Komax Wire Service form an optimum combination that allows us to join with our customers and design our automatic crimping machines to be as productive as possible.

Professional on-site team

A manual time study on site is the most effective and meaningful tool for achieving the best possible results. With their solid knowledge of our products and associated processes, our specialists satisfy precisely the requirements needed for professionally conducting production analyses of these kinds. With their years of activity in all wire processing segments and expertise in all the various production processes, our employees are rich sources of valuable experience. This knowledge can be used to optimize processes on site most effectively. We assign teams of two so we can cover shifts lasting as long as twelve hours. The specialists are supported by a software application specially developed for this purpose


Production analysis is a Komax Wire service subdivided into four phases:

  1. General analysis (audit of machine data, basic time allocation, foundation for the subsequent steps)
  2. Prioritization (definition of priorities, shift and machine)
  3. Detailed analysis (manual recording of time, observation of the processes)
  4. Evaluation and suggestions (presentation, action plan, quick wins)

Production Analysis

Experience with production analyses

Big customers with worldwide operations already use this service. Our suggestions for improvement were directly carried out as actions at audited sites but also serve as guidelines within the group for select branches. The extremely positive results underscore the value added by our product.