Cosmic 32M / 32M CDD Wire stripper
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Cosmic 32M / 32M CDD

Wire Stripper

  • Cosmic 32M and 32M CDD Wire stripper

    Cosmic 32M and 32M CDD Wire Stripper

  • Cosmic 32M Full Strip

    Cosmic 32M Full Strip

  • Cosmic 32M Samples

    Cosmic 32M Samples

Cosmic 32M / 32M CDD – Wire stripper

  • Outstanding ease of operation
  • Short cycle time
  • Light and portable
  • Integrated quality check (CDD version) 

The Cosmic 32M and Cosmic 32M CDD are electrical wire stripping machines. They process single conductors and inner conductors of multi-core cables. The portable machines are easy to operate and have extremely short cycle times.
The Cosmic 32M CDD satisfies the ever tougher quality requirements in wire processing. Your integrated conductor damage detector is unique in this price category.

Area of application

The stripping machines process conductors with outside diameters of 0.6 – 4mm and cross sections of 0.03 – 3.3mm² (AWG 32– 12). The semi-automatic models can be used for single conductors or inner conductors of multi-core cables.
High precision and short cycle times for full and partial pull-off are characteristic of the two devices equipped with V-blades. Operating strictly electrically, the portable machine can be used anywhere a power socket is available.
The ease of operation and the short cycle times make both stripping machines ideal for a great diversity of products made in small to medium quantities.

Intuitive operation

The operation of the Cosmic 32M and 32M CCD is highly intuitive and entails no lead time.
With just three analogous controls, you can set diameter, stripping length and pull-off length. The display shows the cut diameter in 0.01 mm increments.
It is easy to trigger a processing cycle: The stripping process starts automatically the moment the tip of the conductor touches the trigger sensor. If automatic triggering is not desired or possible (e.g. due to flexible conductors), the foot-operated switch is used. 

CDD measuring system

Cable assembly quality requirements are becoming tougher all the time. Quality is assured by the Cosmic 32M CDD conductor damage detector, a unique feature in this price class. The conductor damage detector detects any touching of the conductor by the blades during stripping. If contact is detected, the machine stops and the cable can be removed. Choice of having just the cut zone monitored or the entire stripping length.


  • Flat grippers (for smooth conductors, e.g. halogen-free)
  • Thin grippers (for short insertion lengths) 
  • Foot-operated switch 
  • Air blow cleaning
  • Fault alarm – Warning buzzer (Cosmic 32M CDD)

Outside diameter

0.6mm – 4mm


0.02in. – 0.16in.

Conductor diameter
0.2 – 3 mm 0.008 – 0.12 in.

Conductor cross section

0.03mm² – 3.3mm²


Stripping length 

2–25 mm


Pull-off / partial pull-off length


2–25 mm 


Minimum insert length

L (valid for sheathed cables

with outside diameter)

<= 5.5 mm / 0.21 in

L+Stripping length

L depending on gripper type:

Standard: L = 14 mm

Thin: L = 7 mm 

L+Stripping length

L depending on gripper type:

Standard: L = 0.6 in.

Thin: L=  0.3 in. 

Resolution (increment)

0.01 mm

 0.01 mm

Cycle time

Approx. 0.3 sec; with stripping length of 10 mm (0.4 in.)

Clamping force 

Mechanically adjustable

Electrical connection 

1 × 100 – 240 V | 50/60 Hz | 40 VA

Pneumatic connection
(with blow-out jet only)

5 – 7 bar 

73 psi – 102 psi 

Dimensions (W × H × D)

77 × 175 × 348 mm

25.5 × 29.5 × 16.7 in. 


4.5 kg 

10 lbs

CE conformity

Complies with the EC directives on machine safety
and electromagnetic compatibility 


Complies with the Restriction of
Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)

In case of doubt, we recommend that you have samples made of the conductors before making a purchase.

Full stripping Full strip one side
Half stripping Half strip one side
Core processing Inner conductor multiple pol