Q1240 Strip Quality Check (SQC)
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Q1240 Strip Quality Check (SQC)

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Q1240 Strip Quality Check (SQC)

  • Early detection of possible stripping problems
  • Improved product quality
  • Traceability because of statistics, image saving and WPCS feedback
  • Easy integration in the production process without learning
  • Reduction of operator influence

The optical check is integrated in the process and boosts productivity while assuring traceable quality.


The strip quality check (SQC) visually monitors the stripping quality during the swivel movement. It measures the stripping length and checks the wire for projecting or splayed wires. Defective products are automatically removed.

Actual and target values can be compared without additional teaching of article parts thanks to the integration of these functions in the machine software. The SQC is even capable of handling sequence production.

The saving of values and images ensures traceability. The values can be read-out at a control center via the WPCS interface.

The use of the SQC instead of the CPS option (“cut pulled strands”) boosts the output by an average of 10 percent. The actual figure depends on conductor length and quality.

Conductor cross sections 0.13 – 6 mm2 (AWG 26 – AWG 10)
Full or half strip max. 18 mm (0.71 in)
Resolution 1280 × 1024 (1.3 MB pixels)
Inspection Window 24 × 16 mm (0.9 × 0.6 in)
(W × H × D)

75 × 544 × 332 mm
(3.0 × 21.4 × 13.1 in)

Cycle time /
reduction in piece output

> 200 mm: max. 1 %

60 to 200 mm: up to 4 %
Communication USB 3.0
Machine types Alpha 530, 550