Code of conduct
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Code of conduct

The company’s Guiding Principles describe the values, goals and strategy of the Komax Group. Within the framework of the internal controlling system, the Code of Conduct complements the existing Guiding Principles by setting out in greater detail the legal and ethical standards applicable to managers and employees as they carry out their duties.  

The Code of Conduct requires managers and employees to make a commitment to implementing or refraining from particular patterns of behaviour. It determines the basic principles of the obligation to behave with integrity. This implies that everyone recognizes and accepts personal responsibility. The trust that our business partners, customers, shareholders, the public and the authorities show in Komax employees is crucial to the company’s success. Managers must set an example in this respect: high social and ethical standards are expected from them. The Code of Conduct applies to all Komax Group companies.  

Managers have a particular responsibility as regards implementing the Code. They must ensure that employees are familiar with the rules and they are also responsible for seeing that the latter are followed within their own sphere of influence. They should take the time to explain their own decisions when these touch on the rules set out in the Code. Their own conduct must exemplify the rules contained in the Code. Managers are responsible for implementing the Code. They must make regular reports on any actions they have taken and the ensuing results. Managers are required to make the Code of Conduct a key component of employee training.

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